Gustto Parina vs. Setela

  1. So my most recent obsession is now Gustto. I've been debating about a medium Setela, but now I found a medium Parina and I'm confused! I'd like to hear from those of you who have one or the other. Is the leather like the Baca's? Uncomfortable as a shoulder bag? Hold a lot of stuff? Any other things you could point out? Help! I leave on vacation next week and I'd love to take one with me! :confused1:
  2. I've got one medium Setela and Baca.I think they have the same leather.Maybe Setela is just little harder than baca.But Setela is uncomfortable as a shoulder bag.
  3. I bought a medium Setela and am amazed at how much stuff fits in it (small laptop, planner, wallet, 2 lipglosses, thin sweater, 1 book, keys, pens). The Parina looks much smaller, although I haven't actually tried to stuff anything into one.
  4. I have the exact same question!!!! Been debating between both of those as well..I like the look of the Parina better, but the Setela appears like it would hold more stuff,..
  5. i saw quite a few parinas at the clothingline sample sale today in NYC. unfortunately, all the medium setelas were sold out, and only the large were left. BUT all the gustto bags were $195 which is a great deal!
  6. 195??? Oh...I am jealous!!! :sweatdrop:
  7. Ok, so I went to eBay to look for these bags and it seemed as though every listing mentioned a broken zipper...does Gustto have a reputation for this?? I hope!
  8. My friend has the Medium Setela, and it is definitely not a shoulder bag. I don't know about the larger sized one, but I am assuming that there is probably a little more strap length. The reason the Setela seems larger than the Parina is mainly because of the width of the bag. The Parina is very thin, and the Setela is definitely wider in depth.
  9. Did they have the large parina tote?
  10. i have a large parina that i love - it's basically my everyday bag. it holds a ton. i've also been considering getting the large setela in charcoal...but decided on something else - i've been very very happy with my parina, no quality issues AT ALL. it's perfect!
  11. I have a large Setela bag and that can definitely be worn on the shoulder. Yes, it's a larger bag, but because the leather is so soft, the bag slouches and forms to your body. It doesn't look overly large when you're carrying it because of the way the bag drapes. It's also amazingly light weight. It's one of my favorite bags. The leather is different than the Baca. Baca leather is thicker and smooshier. The Setela is a very thin, soft leather with a very light sheen to it.

    Also, to answer the question about the zippers... I haven't heard much about problems with zippers, but there have been lots of reports here (on TPF) about loose stitches. One thing I do know is that Gustto has one of the best customer service departments when it comes to handbags. They stand by their products, and will likely fix whatever needs fixing on one of their bags. If you bought a bag & the zipper broke, I'm sure if you contacted Gustto, they would be able to fix it for you.
  12. I've been considering a large parina. What color do you have? That's my current dillema. I haven't seen one up close but am thinking about the cognac.
  13. mine is caramel:

    is a perfect go-with-everything color/style
  14. That's really pretty. Really cute. Now i'm more confused. I guess I should go see them IRL.
  15. where could I get a large parina in wine???????????