Gustto Parina & Setela bags $200 at Clothingline in N.Y.

  1. Gustto - parina and setela bags now $200, limited selection of assorted damaged bags now $50 at Clothingline: 261 W. 36th Street 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10018, USA |

    Tory Burch & Chaiken too!:tup:
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular]C L O T H I N G L I N E[/FONT] SSS Sample Sales
    261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10018

  2. wow - do they have an online site or is it in store only?
  3. ugh, i sooooo want to go to this when I'm in NY but Clothingline is apparently closed Fridays!! Boo Hoo!!

    Still looking for other ideas on where to get deals. thanks
  4. did anyone go today? how was the selection? and the condition of the bags?
    i was THinking maybe of going tomorrow but i have so much to do i dont want to waste my time if the condition of the bags or assortment arent good,,,any reports? :smile:
  5. yeah, how "damaged" are they?
  6. Clothingline is closed on Mondays. I am out the door on my way to the sale and will report back.
  7. i just came back from the sale...the "damages" range from off colors, missing studs to broken zippers! for $50....i have to say I'm okay with ALL THAT! i got a Chocolate Setela for $50 (broken zipper), a HUGE BIG BACA in tan for $50 (missing stud) and two Large Parinas one in white and the other a gorgeous olive, both for $50. The white is pristine with nothing at all wrong, and the olive is just missing the string which i wasnt too partial too anyway! i feel like i won the lottery!
  8. See any Tory Burch?
  9. there was tons of Tory, tons. i had a tote in my hand for $75 which was really cute but i ended up giving it away since i hit the mother load with Gustto. there were tons of shoes for $35 but if you didnt get there as the doors opened you were screwed. i of course, didnt get there as it opened...darned traffic! clothes everywhere, coats, etc. really awesome prices too.
  10. Now I am mad at myself for being lazy and not heading down there this morning although my wallet is, I am sure, happy.
  11. I got there 10 minutes after it started and there were no shoes left and the leather Tory Burch totes were going fast. There were cheap little cotton and canvas totes, and some fur shoulder bags, and some large totes that were beautifully beaded all over. As said, the damages on the Gustto ranged from discoloration and pen marks to misisng studs and zipper pulls. I bought one of the $200 large Setelas in taupe (it looks too light in this picture) and a $100 white furry Tory Burch shoulder bag (I don't know the names of her bags). No dust bag with the Gusttos but the Tory's had them. The Tory Burch clothing was very well priced but I didn't have time to give it more than a glance - full length winter coats were only $109. The Setela held both the Tory bag and the purse I'd left the house with. :smile:
    setela.gif tory burch.gif
  12. Is there alot of $50 Gusttos left? I might make a stop if I can, but wouldn't want to brave the bitter cold if there isn't much left.
  13. At 10:15 am there was one badly damaged smallish black satchel (one disconnected strap as a result of a missing stud), two medium greenish totes with some discoloration, one mustard medium satchel, several black clutches that did not appear to be damaged and one white patent shoulder bag with some yellowish staining (not too obvious) and what looked like a faint lipstick smudge. Linings were all clean. The styles were older and I couldn't recognize them. I don't know if they replenish items or not. A girl has to cut the bags off a grid for you (they're attached with plastic ties to prevent theft) and she also has to bring out the new Gusttos for you (samples of the colors the new ones are available in can be seen as you walk in). The Tory Burch totes are all in the back of the room in a corner in boxes on and under a folding table.

    There were also some designer canvas diaper bags and computer bags from Dante Beatrix, for what it's worth.

    The sale runs two more days, then they are closed Friday and all next week.
  14. they replenished the damaged bags twice while i was there, that's how i got the bags that i did. i can't say for sure that they will continue that through out the day though.