Gustto Parina or Kooba Sienna

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  1. I want to get a new handbag and i am deciding between the Gustto Parina or the Kooba Sienna any suggestions? oh, and also is the Gustto Parina super big because iam only 5 feet tall so i dont want it to over take me!
  2. Have you seen/held these purse's in person? My Kooba Paige is very heavy. I'm waiting for new styles of Gustto to come out so I can get something lighter weight. Gustto's are lighter, right?
  3. I love the Gustto Parina. Also, in talking about size, it seems a little more 'delicate' in spite of its size. What I guess I mean is for your height it would seem to do better because of its shape. The Kooba Sienna looks more substantial and weighty.

    I'm probably making no sense. I can't seem to explain this so that even I can understand it. :smile: Can anybody do better here?
  4. I love the gustto. I think it has less of a recognizability factor too which I think is good in this case. It's very light, too.
  5. I have the Gusstto Parina and it's very light-weight. It is a pretty big bag, however I love big handbags. I use it as a shopping tote. The bottom is 17" wide and it's about 15" tall. It's a really cute bag! I would definitely try both bags on first to see which one suits you more.
  6. i have to vote for the gustto here as well. :smile: very light but sturdy and beautiful leather. i personally like slouchy and soft leather that forms to your body, so i say gustto.
  7. Gustto, hands down.
  8. I have both and love both! I have the Kooba Sienna in a tan color and the Gustto Parina in black.
  9. i have the gustto parina in brown, and it is a great bag, pretty big, but not overwhelming.
    The gustto gets my vote!
  10. Go with the Gustto...I had a Parina not long ago (sold her) and had a Setela Large (sold her too) and I am only 5'3 and they look fine on me. Also, I do agree that Gustto bag's are lighter and I adore the leather on them!
  11. I love my Sienna. I am 5'4" and the size fits me very well. It is a heavy bag, though, but worth it. I think the Gustto might have a softer leather and might be a little bigger, so it might be a little overpowering on someone who is 5', but that is my opinion. Get what you like.