Gustto Parina Bag

  1. hey Guys

    I recently bought the Gustto parina and wondering what people's opinions of it are. Its the Brown version with the gold studs. The leather smells devine though :smile:

  2. Of all the Gustto bag styles, I think the Parina is the nicest. I think it's cute. The other styles of Gustto do not attract me at all though. What size Parina did you get? Can you post pictures? It's always a pleasure to see other members' new bags. :yes:
  3. I bought the large brown version, here is a photo - Jessica Alba is using it
  4. I like that bag, It has a nice vintagey' feeling to it :smile:
  5. I like it too!
  6. I like this bag a lot. Of course, it looks amazing on Alba (but what bag wouldn't).
  7. this is the #1 bag that I want! That's so awesome that you got one. I can't seem to find one anywhere in the city I live in:sad: I'm trying to track one down...
  8. I like it!:heart:
  9. I love that bag except I'm fond of the medium style. I like it better than the Baca. I'm probably in the minority on that one.
  10. That makes two of us then!
  11. LOL. I agree. I like it, too!
  12. For those of you who are looking for a parina: there's one on label360 for $605, but you get 20% off with "L360".