Gustto on sale at shopbop

  1. Hi all! For those of you wanting a small baca, they're on sale (great price!) on Shopbop. I'm considering getting one in rust, but that would make 3 for me. Should I?
  2. Where's the sale? I only see the full retail price of $695. Thanks!!!
  3. Weird, when I looked earlier the Tobacco wasn't on there. Someone must have had it in their cart and decided not to get it.
  4. It is a really nice color. and you can't see stains as easily. I hav ethe cream color and every little dirt stain shows. its really annoying :sad:
  5. Oops my bad all are gone :sad:
  6. MrsShoeGal- are you sure all the colors are on sale? When I hit checkout, the price is still $695.

    I actually purchased one this morning from eBay so I'm not on the market anymore, but still curious.

  7. Just the Tobacco was on sale. The other colors are listed at full price
  8. The tobacco is still there. on the left side of the page click on sale and the bag appears.
  9. Yup, it's still there...I desperately want one but sadly, it's not in the budget right now. Thanks for posting, though....