Gustto NOT helpful with damaged bags

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  1. So I bought a Gustto Setela bag from Amazon...and tucked it away after it got to me...when I brought it out to use it, noticed that one of the gold Gustto buttons on the leather was not attached to the inside of the bag (missing the attachment button part) I wrote Gustto to ask if they had an authorized repair place that I could send to, or if I could send to them to repair. I mentioned that I was willing to pay, of course. I got a message back from a Jennifer, who questioned me about if I bought it at their website. I told her no but did not know where to go for repair. She asked me to send photos of the problem, which I did. NO ANSWER for 3 WEEKS now. I finally gave up and found a shoe repair shop specializing in leather and repairs and had them fix it, for less than $20.
    Gustto used to be one of several favorite brands of mine. Now that i see how I will be treated, I won't spend another dime on their bags. Good lesson for me, and hope it helps some of you. They've lost a good customer for basically $20 and for ignoring me.
  2. It's really poor judgement to basically ignore a customer which is an almost guaranteed way to lose a customer, just dumb but companies do it everyday still.

    I make sure to inspect my bags thoroughly upon arrival, if there are issues then, back to the etailer it goes.
  3. Such a shame!!!!! Kooba did the same to me. It shouldn't matter where you bought their bags, with the exception of ebay, they should ALWAYS stand behind it! Now that you vented to 250,000 readers, they didn't just lose one customer!
  4. Seems like this is a common thing with a lot of newer brands. They seemed to have forgotten that producing the bags and selling them to the consumer is just half of the equation. They failed to take a cue from established brands about after-sales service.
  5. tonij, you are absolutely right and I always do! the one time I didn't have the magnifying glass out and just tucked it away, that's what happens. ladies, thanks for listening to my little rant...
  6. Guess Gusstto lost another customer. I am sorry to hear about this.
  7. I'm glad to hear that it only cost you $20, otherwise that could have been a worse feeling possibly.

    I agree with a poster above, seems to common nowadays that bag companies are not into post sale service. And if they are, they scrutinize. Seems like a headache either way.
  8. hmm interesting. i just emailed them about my strap. i put the bag away, did not use for months. and now the strap (a leather one) feels kinda "crunchy" and stiff. what made the bag comfortable to wear was the wide strap that had some "cushion" to it.

    whatever they used to stabilize the leather has hardened. it feels plasticky and gross now. i will update this thread w/ their response. though it seems like they are not much help at all.
  9. well, PF was right. email response:

    We advice to see a shoes maker and check w/ him. We can direct you to some
    good ones in NY. Unfortunately we can't help, the bag is from 5 seasons ago.
    Let me know if you have any question.
  10. i decided to reply to their email with this response:
    Thanks for your reply. I have to say I am disappointed in Gustto's commitment to quality. While the bag is from five seasons ago, I do not really see why this should matter as the bag is not very old at all. I am looking at my customer invoice and I actually bought the bag in June 2009, so I have had the bag for less than one year. I am surprised that a bag that was owned for less than one year has lost some sort of integrity to its strap, especially for the retail prices Gustto charges.

    I appreciate your reply and I simply mean to voice my disappointment in the overall quality of the bag and the company policy regarding quality issues.

    i doubt anything will happen... but yeah... they are not very helpful
  11. I am really glad I found this thread, even if it is almost 2 years old! I recently purchased a beautiful Gustto bag and have been trying to get in touch with customer service (numerous phone calls, voice mails, and emails) for over a month now and have not once heard back.

    I even went to the location listed on the website, and it was locked up (though I could see that there were some computer stations that looked lived in and there were some Gustto bags hanging out in there).

    The handles on my new bag (purchased from ideeli) are fraying. I cannot believe it. I have only had the bag for two months, and the handles now look cheap. I also have a registration tag, with absolutely no knowledge (or information available) on how to actually register it.

    I am bewildered that there doesn't seem to be anyone actually running the company! When I call the numbers on the website, no one ever answers, and when I call the number listed on the site, it is eternally busy.

    I have emailed customer service, sales, and licensing. NOTHING. This company is CRAP.
  12. I have the same problems. Do you mind if I ask where you bought your bag? I have tried to call all the numbers and still nothing. My bag also came in the mail with some plastic sticking out of the hardware. Made me question the whole purchase. Any information at all would be great. Thanks!!!
  13. Yes - I purchased mine on I reported Gustto to the Better Business Bureau, and they couldn't get them to respond either?!?!?!? Crazy.