Gustto lovers ripped off by eBay seller?

  1. Does anyone know why Neiman's may be selling the Gustto Parina bags for $625 while an eBay seller is selling the same style for $899?

    Any opinions froms Gustto experts are welcomed. I just don't want to be duped into thinking that the eBay bag might be of a better quality.

    I emailed the seller to ask why her bag costs $899 while Neiman's is $625 and if her bags were of a "special edition"...her reply, "Yes, something like that." Since she wasn't exactly helpful and didn't care to elaborate, I'm hoping one of you ladies may know.

    Thanks ;)
  2. I just checked eBay. The highest priced Parina is 425. Maybe she ended her auction.
  3. I think she meant the ones at the Ebay stores - there are still a few of them at $899

    See although she has 1000+ feedback I am mindful about sellers who hides information - I wouldn't buy from her - all she provided was a stock photo and a photo of a celeb carrying it - it dosen't give me much information!

    Speaking of ebay - there was this time I saw this Juicy Couture bag selling for $599 or something and the regular retail was $395 - so I messaged the guy saying that you might want to consider lowering the price because there is no way you would be able to sell it so much higher than regular retail - the seller had the nerve to tell me that he is adding all sorts of costs into the cost and that "unlike you, i have a business to run" - I just fell really offended, since my intension was I was trying to be helpful (maybe he really didn't know or mixed up the cost or something)...

    Anyway.. rant over - Just wanted to share some ebay experiences and about how rude some people can be over the internet
  4. Rude & unrealistic!

    You tried to give him some excellent advice, his loss that he didn't take it!
  5. Ya, how rude. It's a hit or miss on eBay. You either find a good deal or get ripped off badly which includes fakes.