Gustto linings

  1. Does anyone know how the lining of a real Gustto bag should look? I've seen some that are plain yellow and some that are yellow with Gustto written all over. Which is real?:confused1:
  2. Actually both are. Someone else could probably explain it better but heres my very rushed and unthorough explanation: Gustto is unpredictable in terms of interior quality. Gorgeous bags, great leather but always bad stitching, different linings, problems with hardware and more.

    Gustto uses both plain and gustto signature linings
  3. Gustto seems to have settled on a grey lining now, newer bags are showing this (haven't seen it in person yet, just web pix, but it has to be better than the yellow).

    The yellow linings can be plain and cheesy-shiny or not so shiny but printed with GUSTTO all over in black. We call them ghetto linings, affectionately, I guess.

    They aren't finished off nicely, both my bacas have strings hanging off the inside seams (yet some of the pockets are nicely finished off with leather, but not always) but I didn't buy the bags for the linings. Both bacas are my faves, leather so soft it is unbelievable. I haven't had any problems with mine, the hardware is super shiny, zippers work great (oh yeah, sometimes the inside zippers have leather pull strings and sometimes not).

    Inconsistency seems to be Gustto's forte, you can ask for any bags you see on eBay to be authenticated on this site, we seem to have seen most of Gustto's various quirks. Their customer service is great also, they will even help with the questions if you ask them.
  4. The new grey lining is infinitely better than their previous ghetto lining. No matter what though, their leather is some of the best! Soft and squishy.
  5. There is a plain yellow lining in my Gustto Mariana. While the leather is truly gorgeous the lining does leave alot to be desired. To me it feels kinda messy and loose. There are two pockets on one side that are small and trimmed with leather. On the other side is one very large untrimmed pocket which makes it difficult to use. The pocket is so large that I struggle with it while I'm putting things in my bag...such as my wallet. It's a beautiful bag from outside appearances and I love the leather and the shade (which is a blue/gray) but is not my most favored bag....which would be my Kooba Renee.
  6. Gustto made the plain yellow linings when they first started out a few years ago. Initially there was only one pocket on the opposite side of the zipper pocket with no leather surrounding it. Then they made the bags with 2 pockets, with no leather around them. They then went with the logo lining after the New Year last year. Now they have the tan lining, which is much nicer and classier. I do love the Gustto leather, though. I think it's one of the nicest leathers out there for the price.....
  7. where are the bags made? anyone know?
  8. This is an old thread I came across, but in case your still interested...mine says made in mexico
  9. Ladies you have been most helpful as I just bought the attached bag and began panicking thinking yikes! is the plain yellow mean faux?! Gasp if so!

    Happy to read that I think all is authentic.

    Here's the pick. Majorly unstructured but when filled, it fits on your shoulder VERY nicely and doesn't slide off. I see a burgundy one just added but there's just something about this gorgeous shade of brown that I'm sold on.

    If anyone should know details like style name or year or anything, I'd appreciate. :smile:
  10. Sorry, let me try this attachment thing again: