Gustto Leather Question

  1. I've been eyeing a Gustto bag forever because I love the feel of their leather, so a few days ago I finally purchased a Gustto Torlia in Beige from a very reputable source (don't want to disclose which, by it was from one of those vendors approved by most TPFers here). The bag came and to my disappointment --- the leather is not soft! What's going on? I thought Gustto only uses soft lamb skin? The feel of this leather is more like hard stressed leather. I'm ruling out the fact that it's fake b/c of the reputation of the vendor. Am I supposed to just wait until the leather softens or am I one of the unucky ones that got the bag with the hardest leather?
  2. I can't find a pic of the Torlia anywhere, but I think the Torlia is the same kind of bag as the Molia, only smaller (is that right?), and the Molia looks like it's made from the same type of leather used on the Setela bags -

    Gustto Baca bags are made from a diff type of leather than most of the other styles - although most people say its lambskin, it's never described like that (most sites say tumbled leather). I think because it's so soft, people just assume its lambskin. Baca leathers are thicker than the leather used on other Gustto bags, and they more of a matte finish and are generally smoother (they have large folds & wrinkles). Because they are thicker, they're "smooshier" than other Gustto's.

    I have a Setela, and even though the leather is diff from my Bacas (I have 2 bacas & a setela), it's still extremely soft and distressed. I luv the way my Setela feels. It's got a little shine to it and is much thinner than my baca, but the body of the bag is extremely soft, so it slouches when it's not completely full and when it's empty it just collapses. It is also more of a textured leather than my Baca - it has bumps and raises in the leather (almost a slightly pebbled appearance) - my bacas are much smoother w/o many bumps.

    I can't imagine a hard and/or stiff Gustto bag - I'm sure as you use it, it will soften up. Maybe you can even try using a moisturizer on it - sometimes that speeds up the softening process. If you were expecting the Torlia to be like the Baca, I guess I can imagine your disappointment - there's definitely a difference. But I still think Gustto bags (other than the Baca) are still some of the softest bags on the market.
  3. I had a Torlia. It was super soft and squishy. Much softer than my Baca even. Had variations to the leather (bumpy areas, smooth areas, slight imperfections) but all part of the washed leather.

    Whatever you do, don't use a moisturizer on this kind of leather. I sprayed mine with Wilsons but using a lotion type moisturizer will ruin that bag for sure. It may just be an odd Torlia that had stiffer leather. I have never seen personally a fake Torlia but I never really looked. Can you trust the seller 100%? And what did you pay for it?

    I don't know how long ago you bought the bag but I looked at the 3 Torlias that ended and they all looked fine if one of them was yours.
  4. Just found a Torlia on eBay - just as I thought - it's the same as the Molia, only smaller. I've seen this bag IRL at Nordstroms (their tags didn't have the official Gustto name - it just said small shopper), and the leather is def different than the Baca. It's even a little diff than the Setela - I think it might be a little thicker, but it's still very soft. I'd almost compare it to a Bulga, but softer.

    p.s. I've actually used a moisturizer on both my setela and my baca and it didn't ruin it at all - granted, I didn't smear it all over the bag, just used it in spots, but I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever. It may just depend on the product.
  5. What other Gusstos did you look at? I've noticed 3 different types of leathers on their bags.

    I like two of them but the third type (the one used on the Torlia and a few others tote-like bags) is too hard, stiff, and shiney for my taste.

    So far your description sounds fine. I ordered the Torlia sight unseen because I loved the pictures so much but I was disappointed when I saw it IRL because the leather wasn't the same as the other Gustto bags I had seen. I had never seen this third leather at the time. Sounds to me like you may be experiencing the same shock I did when I first saw the torlia.