Gustto Large Parina - Best Deals

  1. Well, I fell in love with the Gustto Large Parina over the weekend and just had to have one. Of course, I couldn't pay full retail ($625). After much research I found the two best deals going. Hope others can take advantage of my hard work. :smile:

    Luna Boston - Tobacco Large Parina, on sale for $500, use "grechen" for add'l 20% off = $400.

    Label360 - Black and Beige Large Parina available for $605, use "handbag30" for additional 30% off = $423.50.

    I ordered mine from Label 360 and it's on its way to me right now!:yahoo:
  2. Those are pretty good deals, good job! I already have a Parina in Blue. I wish they carry the newer styles. They're so hard to find. NM has them but so pricey. Like you, I don't want to pay full retail, hehe.
  3. BabyK -

    Do you use any sort of purse organizer in the Parina? It's sort of a bottomless pit so I was thinking of getting a Purseket.
  4. Bebe, I actually don't. The Parina has pockets to hold my cell and keys (and PDA too if you have one), and there's a zip pocket to hold anything I have "loose". And the rest of my stuff are in makeup pouches and then there's my wallet. So nothing really gets "lost". I don't have a problem finding stuff. It does seem bottomless, and it would be for those who has a lot of loose things, but for me, it works just fine w/ my stuff. A purseket might get lost in it, I think. They work better w/ handbags. I just got a pursebrite for a friend since she carries her life in her bag, and looking at it, I don't think it would work w/ a Parina.
  5. bebe, I would think a large sized Chameleon might work better because it has a structured bottom to it to help fill out the Parina.

    See them at:

    I use a small sized in my Kooba Jessie and Maria, just perfect for me to organize.
  6. Thanks for the organizizing advice, ladies. Can't wait to get my new Parina tomorrow!