Gustto in Greyish/Olive or Charcoal?? Pics Inside!

  1. Which color do you prefer?



    Or Charcoal:

  2. there isn't much difference, but I like the second one
  3. I think they're both nice but I'd go for the darker one as it wouldn't show dirt.
  4. Oooh I like the Charcoal color the best : )
  5. I like the first one better. IMHO it shows off the details of the bag better. The charcoal one just looked like faded black to me.
  6. The first one!!
  7. I'm biased, because I have the charcoal one. It's not quite as dark as it appears, but a perfect shade of grey for the fall.
  8. The first one definitely.
  9. Oooh, charcoal definitely! What pretty bag!
  10. The charcoal!
  11. I prefer the first one, more classy. I agree with tsjmom that the grey one looks like faded black.
  12. They're both unique but I like the grey/olive - it's mroe striking. The charcoal looks like it can't decide if it's brown, gray or black so to me it just ends up looking "blah".
  13. I found these pics of the charcoal and like purseinsanity is not as dark as in the pic above-much more on the grey said as opposed to charcoal! :tup:


  14. I prefer charcoal by a landslide!!