Gustto handbag question..

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  1. hey guys.. I am new to this site, but think it is a great idea for finding out correct and genuine information on designer bags.. I am so glad I found a place where people seem to really know about bags!!! So, here is my question that I was hoping you guys could help out with.... Gustto bag- The leather label in the inside of the bag that reads "GUSTTO", does it or does it NOT say below it "desinged in the USA". Because On every website I go to, it seems to be different... Can ya'll help??
  2. Welcome to TPF! I have a Gustto Setela in caramel - I think it's a little bit older bag, one of the earlier ones made. The tag inside my bag does say "Designed in the USA" under the Gustto name, however, I think the newer bags only say Gustto.

    It also seems that these bags vary from style to style - A Baca might only say Gustto inside, but a Setela might say Designed...USA. As well as the med Setela and the large (I think the med only says Gustto).

    You'll also discover that the newer bags have yellow lining w/the black Gustto signature print, while older bags are just plain yellow.

    If you're unsure about the authenticity of a handbag, you can mention the website, and we can probably tell you whether or not it's a legit site selling authentic bags. Sites like Active Endeavors, Revolve, ADASA, The Purse Store, JCMadison, Shop Bop, ShopTwigs, Pink Mascara - they all sell authentic bags. It's very possible that a Gustto on one of these sites might look a little different than one on another. It all depends which style the bag is, the color, and when it was released.

    Hope this helps - Welcome again, hope to "see" ya around!!
  3. You can also call Gustto, check their website for the number. They're very helpfull.
  4. thanks guys... my bag came.. and it does have the "gustto" printed on the inside of the yellow lining.. but on some of the bags I see that the black squares are then outlined, and on other bags there just squares.. did that sound oh so confusing??? haha. but i am just wondering if that is normal as well?
  5. Well, iluvmybags really said it best. There are a few variances in regards to the look of Gustto tags and linings... and unfortunately, there isn't a lot of documentation out there on Gusttos. Real Gusttos even tend to have somewhat sloppy craftsmanship for being +/- $600 bags. Even for us GusttoLovers it can be confusing... :hrmm:

    Where did you purchase the bag?
  6. Here is what the lining and the tag of my Baca looks like:

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  7. I agree that you should call Gustto. I actually talked to them today since I had a question about one of their older bags. They are very helpful. But as far as nailing down a real fake factor...I think it's hard except for the very overly wrinked burnt skin leather that we see on bags on Ioffer...and unfortunately some on ebay.
  8. When "desinged in the USA"on the label.
    You can find a little label inside printed "made in china".
    The others are made in Mexico only "GUSTTO" on the label.
    Both are real gustto bags.