Gustto Grey Baca vs. Botkier Bombay Satchel

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  1. Please Help me choose between the 2. I have wanted both for a long time, & now the opportunity to get both has arrived. But I only have the funds for 1. Please give me your opinions as I've never seen or felt a Botkier IRL.....Thanks in advance I have only 2 days to decide
  2. Personally, I like the Gustto bag better.
  3. I like both but since only 1 is possible now, I say go with the Baca. Hmm, what color is the Bombay satchel?
  4. Thanks for your fast responses....It's the cogniac. I purchased the gustto I still may try to get the botkier...It would be my first... I just have to see if I can find the funds :rolleyes:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I had that Bombay bag. Boy does it rock! But we are talking apples and oranges. The Bomabay satchel is made from pulled up leather that gives it a rough and tough rustic feel. Also that bag is quite weighty. Baca's are very light weight and soft and squishy. Lovely bags. Personally the Botkier Bombay is just so unique and cool but it depends on what you want it for. The Bot bag is almost duffle sized. If you want and everyday lightweight bag the Baca is right.
  7. Another thing to consider is that the Baca will fit comfortably over your shoulder but the Bombay has short straps so will probably fit better over your arm.

    Both are lovely bags but I'd go with the Baca!
  8. Thanks you guys this is what I got[​IMG]
  9. Can I have the Bombay satchel? It is gorgeous! The Baca is great too, tough decision...