Gustto "Ghetto Lining" pics

  1. So many people are getting their Gusttos now and we all wonder how much of the 625 went into the lining of this bag. My guess is 3.95...LOL

    So I took a few pics. I looked it over real well and it's not so terribly bad. Yes, the color is awful, and it's not tacked down by any means and the stitching looks a little haphazard, but it doesn't look so bad that it will start ripping or tearing.

    So here is Gustto's Ghetto lining so you can figure out how important your lining is to the love of your bag. My Gustto far surpasses my expectations so I will live with the subpar lining.



  2. Oh Lexie, you are a doll for posting these pics! I just love the Torlea and was eyeing it for myself but that lining would def. drive me crazy!! I hope you can work around it and keep your really is a beautiful bag!!! (It's not the color or material of the lining that's my problem-it's that it's not tacked down!)
  3. The bag is beautiful though. Now I'm looking at each of my bags and not liking most of the linings. See what you've started! LOL
  4. Lexie, that was a good call. I saw the lining the other day at Nordstrom, and $3.95 is too generous of a number...the lining looks like it cost some pennies...
  5. If you want a lining TDF get a Gryson! OOOH, I could just stick my head in there and leave it all day. Beautiful heavy suede like fabric perfectly stable and tacked down. It's so good you could turn the bag inside out and it would look good. It's the best lining. Botkier is running 2nd place for me. OC, I love my Koobas But the loose ultrasuede lining sucks for me too. This season they switched to brown canvas but nothing compares to Grysons.
  6. You girls and your linings, lol. I actually prefer the linings to not be tacked down, I find it easier to clean.

    Is this lining a new thing for Gussto? I have this mystery bag that I bought at the sample sale, that has that exact same lining. I have never seen the style before, I think it might be a "true sample".
  7. Lexie2000,

    Do you think this bag suitable for a 5'3" girl?
  8. You just made me go look at mine. Well, the lining is bright yellow with GUSTTO in black letting all over it. Charging my camera now so I can post a pix. I got my Setela at a sample sale and had the stuffing still in it. It really looks cheap...
  9. My Baca has the black Gusttos all over the canary yellow lining. Some bags have it and some don't. Take a look at Revolve. Must be different seasons or colors or styles that decide which lining you get.

    I'm 5'4" and it's fine.
  10. I wouldn't mind the lining not being tacked down, because I like to turn my linings inside out and clean them a bit every so often. However, the material of that particular lining just looks cheap. I was looking at Gustto bags on Revolve Clothing, because I liked the looks of some of them. As soon as I clicked the pics of the insides, I was like, "No way!" Maybe I am too picky, but the bag has to look as nice on the inside as the outside for me to want to spend a great deal of money on it.
  11. I was thinking the same thing on my Gustto's, Lexie. I like the bag but have noticed that cheap lining.. and the zippers are not the greatest quality. After you've bought Botkier with their industrial grade zippers and suede lining, it's noticeable on other bags!
    Couple other things on the Gustto..the placing of seams on the leather weird places that are likely to get worn quicker...
    had you noticed that? I like my Baca and Setela, but in all honesty for the price and made in Mexico for CHEAP, along with the cheap things mentioned...I don't think I will buy another Gustto unless it's 50%+ off retail...
  12. thanks for the info! i'm not an owner of this designer and before i dive in i like peoples opinions. wouldn't nessacarily steer clear from them because of this but it's just another thing to consider.
  13. That lining looks like parachute material. Or it reminds me of the kind of stuff MC Hammer's pants used to be made from....geesh.

    I will deal with it though as I love the outside leather.
  14. Exactly...parachute pants material! LOL
    It's just odd that the outer bag is so cool and it seems well made with quality leather. Why a designer wouldn't put a tad extra into it to make the bag a "complete package". The only 2 styles of Gustto's I care for are the ones I have so I doubt I will get any more but truthfully, if I fell in love with another for it's style and leather, I would go for it.

  15. HEhehe! that is funny!! :graucho:
    So, I am waiting for the arrival of my *Gheustto*- lolol-
    The lining could make it or break if for me. It IS amazing they couldn't have made A LITTLE more effort on the lining!
    Ah question for present Gustto owners...
    Other than the ghastly lining, do they hold up well???