Gustto Cell Phone Case - Ever hear/see such am item??

  1. I don't know about this -

    I don't see why someone would go to the trouble to fake it, but some things just don't look right (it's "aductable"!!!). If it's real, it would be nice to have - digging thru my Setela when my phone is ringing can be a real *itch sometimes!! Even inside my Baca bag, my phone tends to get "lost."

    Gustto's website is no help (why don't they offer a showing of their items??), and I've never been to any of their showrooms. Anyone ever see one of these before? Maybe at one of their sample sales??
  2. "Aductable". Cracks me up :smile:
    I have not seen or heard of one, but I'm not sure how long Gustto has been around- could it be from their first season? Maybe you can get some info from their customer service? I've heard how helpful they can be (maybe it was your post, actually) .
    By the way- I keep my cell phone in the front pocket of my Setela- that doesn't work for you? Isn't there a cell phone pocket inside too?
    I get it though... this is cute and would be fun to have if authentic :smile:
  3. Not sure if it's authentic! I thought all the gustto products were made in Mexico(?)
  4. Gustto is made in spain, at least the older bags are. I bought a Sola City tote in pistachio, it was made in spain, had similar stamping, etc.

    Yes, this is an authentic item.. It's about 3 or 4 years old, maybe more
  5. thanks Luna! I like the idea and it would be cute to have a matching bag & cell phone case!! esp for my Baca - that's the one thing I don't like about that bag - my phone is forever getting lost (it never stays in the cell phone pocket, it's always falling out to the bottom of my bag! and my phone's not even that big!!)