**Gustto Cala ORR HH Tharpe??!!**

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  1. I've narrowed it down to 2 grey bags, which one do you girls like better?! TIA!!!!




  2. The cala looks so buttery soft and I've been wanting one myself although if you like structure, the hayden looks like it's more rigid. However I think I've heard but things about gussto on the forum for some reason although I think the gray is beautiful
  3. I vote for the Gustto Cala. It's soft and lucious and I like the taupe-gray color better.
  4. The Cala..I just LOVE that handle!
  5. I like the looks of Cala but for me I think the other bag would be more functioinal with the outside pockets. I think Cala might be too hard to get in and out of and to find stuff in. But all the Guusto bags are like that and many people love them.
  6. I think I recommended the Cala to you in your grey bag thread...it's ideal! SSSSOOOOO soft and very easy to get into. It's like their Baca in the sense that it can hold much more than it seems and although I love both Gustto and Hayden Harnett, I love my Cala.
  7. Gustto just because it looks so different.
  8. GUSTTO CALA! bit more distinctive, imo
  9. HH

    the gussto big medal looks kinda scary to me :p
  10. The site says that code is expired...but thanx anyways!
  11. I actually like the HH Tharpe but between the two I'd pick the Cala. The Gussto leather is wonderful and I think that design is gorgeous.
  12. Do you have the cala in the grey color that you suggested to me? I'm just trying to get a sense of whether its more on theolive or the grey side...the purse store.com lists the bag color as olive...thanx!
  13. Love the Cala...I'm a sucker for Gussto bags!