Gustto Cala Bag = Gorgeous!!!

  1. Received on Friday, 2 Gustto medium sized Cala bags from a Seller on eBay, who owns her own boutique, at a great price! They are both gorgeous!!!! I got one in Black, and one in Mushroom. Both have extremely soft, leather, the Black one being slightly more bubbly, but both TDF! They are comfortable on the shoulder, and big enough in the medium size for most. The medium Cala is similar in size to the medium Baca. I don't carry much, so the larger size was a bit large for me, (I saw them in Nordstrom's last weekend). Great interior, (Taupe colored lining-very classy). I am extremely impressed with these bags, and plan on adding the Gray and possibly the Olive to my collection. I couldn't find a picture of the Black in Medium, so I posted a picture of the Olive, which might be my next conquest........
  2. Oh, that's great to hear! I almost got the mushroom from that eBay listing, but I chickened out. I'm glad to hear you're so happy! I have one in charcoal coming! Can't wait!
  3. Purseinsanity:

    You must let me know how the Charcoal is IRL. If it is really dark, or a medium gray. I am looking for a medium gray, so hopefully it will fit the bill!
  4. Beautiful and I especially like the Mushroom color. I had wondered though if though straps would be awkward. No? Maybe I'll consider one oneday then. They are a little dressier than the Bacas and other Gustto's. Alot classier than the big bag with the changepurse.
  5. I saw them yesterday while shopping and got to try it on. It was a really nice bag IMO. Soft leather. Stayed on the shoulder comfortably. Smooshy like the Baca with similar leather. Some inside pockets for organization.
  6. Ooh, wow! I'd never seen that style before. I am not so huge on the other Gustto styles, but this one is just... :nuts: So cool! Congrats!
  7. Yup. This is a must have bag for me..I really want to see it in the charcoal too. :drool:
  8. I finally received my charcoal Cala yesterday and it was definitely worth the wait! The grey is the perfect shade...not too dark or light. Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend it to everyone for the fall. And of course, it's a Gustto, so the leather is amazing! For you Baca lovers out there, you can't go wrong!