Gustto Cala - Am I crazy?

  1. Ok, so I just ordered the Gustto Large Cala Patent in Honey for $300 on AE...

    And I am seriously starting to feel some buyers remorse. I have been lusting after the Cala, and jumped on this great deal.

    But is this honey patent horrific?


    Does anyone have the Cala patent? Or the Cala regular? I would so love to see some pics any pics to ease my mind.

    Is this color / patent combo too much? Opinions please :confused1:
  2. I have a cala in charcoal, regular leather. I love the gustto leather because it's so soft and squishy. I'm not a huge fan of patent on any bag. I've never seen a cala patent IRL before, so I can't really make any judgements. I love my bag though. That's a pretty good deal...but I'd return it if you're having doubts. Even with a good deal that's a lot of money to be iffy about a bag.
  3. Btw, I just checked label360 and they have a regular cala on sale right now for $550, plus a 20% off code. It seems people have had problems with returns with label360, but if you're sure you want to keep it, I'd recommend them. I've gotten 3 bags from them without a problem.
  4. If it's a bag you really wanted and the price was right then I say ENJOY! :yes:

    It's an interesting bag to look at .... my personal opinion is that it'd be better as a white or black bag.
  5. Thanks voodoo, I was partially so drawn to this color b/c it is kind of different. Looking at all my brown and black bags I need some more spice in my life... :p But I tend to agree with you, black and white are nice and classy on this bag.

    Purseinsanity, thanks for the pointer to label360. With their coupon it would be 380, not bad at all. I'm glad to hear you have had good experiences with them, I was hesitant after reading some of the postings about them. Oh decisions...

    I am smitten with the charcoal Cala, but beige looks pretty swank too and would be super versatile... Maybe i should have one in every color! :p
  6. I love it. It looks like it has much more body than the lambskin version...cute.
  7. Mmmm....sweet gooey caramel....

    Oh sorry! That bag gave me strange visions for a sec. It's not horrific at all, why are you having buyer's remorse? Is it the color? I think it looks really nice with the gold disc.
  8. I don't personnally like patent leather. So you can ignore this if you wish. But it seems to me that if everyone loves these bags because of the very soft leather, you'd be defeating the whole idea by getting the patent.
  9. Yes, this is what I am afraid of... not sure I can pull off the patent, and the regular is what I really fell in love with (at least in pics online... have never seen it IRL! =[ )

    balihai88, you crack me up!:roflmfao: This bag does conjure up visions of gooey caramel... yum!
  10. I think the color is beautiful and will go with so much! You'll be able to use it all the time! me likey..