Gustto Big Baca - Whatd'ya think?

  1. I know there are TONS of Baca owners on TPF, but do any of you own the Big Baca? To me, the bag doesn't look THAT big, but I've heard some say it's HUMONGOUS!! How does it compare to the regular size Baca?

    When I first decided to buy a Baca, I figured I'd want the larger one being a lover of big bags & all. But then I saw the regular sized one at Nordstroms & realized that it really is the "bottomless" bag!!! So I purchased a previously owned on eBay. The bag ended up holding a lot more than I thought. Since the bag was much more used than described, I decided to buy a brand new one (my daughter has "hijacked" the smaller one anyhow!!).

    So I'm browsing eBay last night, with really no intention of buying, and I come across quite a few Big Baca's that were priced pretty low. I threw on offer on the table for one - thinking it probably wouldn't get accepted. This morning, I opened my email and guess what? I won the Big Baca!!

    To me, it doesn't look that big, and if you don't overstuff it, I'm thinking it'll hang & slouch (sorta like my Setela does). And when I look at pics of Halle Berry w/her Big Baca, it doesn't look all THAT big to me. What do you think?
  2. oh, that's cute, i like it. :yes:
  3. I'm curious on the size too. Of course, Halle makes any bag look great! The great thing about Gustto is that they are so lightweight, so I can imagine the bag won't feel cumbersome. Please post some modeling pics when you get it!
  4. I love the baca, I think it is a great bag. Congrats!!
  5. I have the Big Baca and I think you will love it! No matter what you put in it, it slouches nicely. Love mine to death!
  6. I had a Big Baca (loved it, but returned it to buy a Marc Jacobs). I think the size was perfect...and I'm on the short side. That's a great price...and I think you'll REALLY like the bag! Here are some pics of me wearing it...I'm 5'2" and a size 4 or 6:
    Big Baca.jpg Big Baca2.jpg
  7. Oh, I would love one. You're a lucky gal...a great price, too! Would love to see pics when it arrives.
  8. Thanks for the pics, mrqx2. I'm on the short side too (while I'm no size 4/6!!!), so they do help & give me an idea of how it'll look. One thing I wonder about your bag - was it empty or stuffed when you took those pix? I'm guessing that because it's such a soft leather bag, that w/o a lot inside to stuff it & keep its shape, that it'll slouch & hang a little looser. Even my regular size Baca - when it doesn't have that much in it seems to "mush" together and slouch. And my Setela is a very slouchy bag - and that's a lot bigger than the Baca. I have no problem carrying that one (Setela) - in fact, it's one of my favorite bags - so I'm guessing (hoping) that the Baca carries/hangs in a similar way.

    I'm looking forward to receiving it, and will try to post pics as soon as I can.
  9. i PERSONALLY no offense intended, but i think the wonderful shape of the baca is lost in the large size

    i dont like the way it looks nearly as much as the regular size one, i think the regular size one has an amazing shape and looks perfect the big one is like droopy and looks off to me,,,, im sorry! :smile:

    but i love the bacas period so i am psyched for you that you got it and such a good price (altough whever bought it and got it for $149.97 maade a KILLING!
  10. It's got some stuff in it, but not much. Mostly what I carry on a daily basis. Wallet, keys, checkbook, cell, cosmetic case. I think I also threw in stuff from my diaper bag (dipes/wipes case). Since there is no organization, everything fell to the middle of the bag and the bag then smooshes in on itself. Honestly, I tried this one on as well as the regular baca when I was at Nordie's and I didn't see much of a difference. Even the SA preferred the big one on me. The big baca was on sale and the regular one wasn't, so I went with the big one. :p
  11. You know, I always thought that those numbers inside were the purchase price too, but I don't think they are. I've seen those same numbers in a LOT of bags, and I don't think they're all $149.97. The seller said she bought this at Nordstrom Rack, and I don't think the Rack sells at THAT large of a markdown. Maybe they do, and it really is the price, but I've bought other things that have those same exact numbers inside, and there are actually a few other Gustto's listed right now w/the same #'s written inside the pocket.

    As for the size - no offense taken. I kinda was thinking the same thing, which is why I asked for opinions. I really wasn't looking to buy a Baca right now. (I was actually going to use my 30% new cust d/c at Revolve & buy one of the fall colors). I just happened to see this one, and I liked the color, and the seller seemed reputable so I tossed an offer out there - thinking it would probably be refused. I was very surprised to find it accepted this morning. It's OK though - I got a good deal on it, so it's a good chance to try out the larger size. If I don't like it, I can either resell it or give it to my daughter (She's the one using my Blue baca right now, and I'm sure she'd jump at the chance to carry this one too!!!) And who knows, I may end up liking it just as much as my setela and/or baca (My setela is mighty large and I LOVE that bag!)
  12. hehe too true it may all work out for that price cant go wrong :smile:

    and the #s inside i figured maybe it was from the gustto Sample sale so i thought maybe they just got an amazing price

    but if you have seen other bags with those #s who knows :smile: hehe mysterious!

    (ps i wrote a note in your kooba meridith thread if you get a chance to read it!)
  13. Actually when I was looking at the pics, I thought that MAYBE (just maybe!) this is the regular size, and the seller just used the Big Baca description. She said it's just like a black one she sold a week or so ago, and when I looked at that one, it looked a lot more like a regular size Baca and not a Big Baca. When I look at a lot of the pics for the Big Baca, it's really hard to see how big it really is (and as I said above, I don't think Halle Berry's looks all that big) - I think it's most noticeable looking at them side by side.

    I also think the 24" length is a bit deceiving since that's probably the measurement from one far end of the bag to the other, and the body of the bag is actually much smaller (it's got those "pointy" ends!).

    Besides, if it does end up giving me a totally diff look than the regular Baca, at least then I have an excuse to buy myself another one!!!
  14. So I got my Big Baca today. I do think it's very similar to the regular size. The difference is NOT that noticeable. The thing that I don't like about the bag, and what makes it different is the shoulder strap. The large Baca has a double-layer shoulder strap, which makes it drop (when it carrying it on the shoulder) shorter (there's one long strap that goes all the way from end to end with 2 shorter straps underneath that come up from each end about 3/4 of the way up, and another shorter, "pad"-like piece that sits on top). Here's a pic of the Big Baca's shoulder strap:


    The regular size Baca's shoulder strap is only one layer w/three pieces and the drop is longer (it has the 2 shorter straps that come 3/4 of the way up, with another shorter piece connecting it). Here's one of the regular size:


    That means that the bag that Halle Berry is carrying those pics above, is the regular size bag cuz it looks like her bag only has a single-layer shoulder strap.
  15. Oh yea - forgot to mention, that because the shoulder strap is thicker (because of the multi-layers of leather), it doesn't sit as nice as the reg sized Baca on the shoulder. It's kinda got an awkward fit to it. Maybe it'll flatten out and get easier over time, and maybe once I fill the bag & put some weight in it, it'll have more of a drop.

    As for the body of the bag, it's pretty identical to the reg sized Baca. I put them side by side, and they look exactly the same - they both slouch, pucker & gather the same. The only difference is in the length.