Gustto Big Baca in Vintage Brown: Keeper or kick to the curb?


Gustto Big Baca in Vintage Brown: A Keeper or kick it to the curb?

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  1. Ahh, the Baca. Synonymous with gloriously thick mooshed out leather and also the putrid acid yellow lining that is now so infamous.

    What are your thoughts on this bag? I love taking polls from PF'ers; you guys are the most wonderfully, brutally honest women I've come to know, and your opinions are very much appreciated!

  2. I'd tell you if I could see the pictures :sad:
  3. Can you see them now?
  4. Gung, plenty of other bags out there with smooshy leather. This bag is a little over rated I think. I've got a beige one with patent trim, I think it is called winter white and I am so going to put it up on eBay this weekend.
  5. I looooooooove the baca and will always loooooooooove the baca! If you wear her then keep her, but if you have stopped wearing her, then sell sell sell!
  6. I like it. But I like bigger handbags. The color is nice.
  7. I love the baca! :tup:
  8. i bought this bag last year and returned it; i thought it was made well and the leather was beautiful, but it was so impratical, you have to put it on a hard surface to get anything out of it because its almost too squishy. plus i thought it was quite heavy...
  9. Wish it was mine!
  10. I think it's a keeper. It's one of those bags that really is different from everything else out there. Plus, it's gorgeous!
  11. keeper!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I love the Baca! I have a smaller one in cream. I wish it was a darker color as the leather is darkened from rubbing on my jeans:sad:
    Keep it!
  13. Keep! I have always loved the shape, style, and leather on these bags. Although, I do kind of prefer the smaller style better. So, maybe if you were to exchange this one for the small one, then I would say to do that.
  14. I really like the Baca, but the regular size one. For me, the Big Baca is humongous!
  15. ^ITA. I have regular sized Bacas, which are plenty big enough and that I love. The large always looked too duffle-ish for me.