Gustto Big Baca arrived today, come see!

  1. OMG! This bag is fabulous! A Nice, thick, squishy, soft glob of deliciousness! doesn't have that "ghetto" lining! Bad news, now I want THIS in a few more colors! Ok, I won it on eBay for a steal!!! It's supposed to be navy but it looks black to me but I don't care either way!

    My lump, my lump, my lovely leather lump! :yahoo:

  2. Congrats! Looks gray to me? But love the leather on it!
  3. ^ The flash makes it look lighter, thanks!!
  4. Congrats, love the Baca bag.
  5. Very luscious!
  6. ooo...the leather looks divine!!! I am actually considering getting this same does it fit against your body? Also, what is the texture of the leather? Is it lumpy? Thanks!
  7. The leather is thick, lightweight and luscious and looks perfectly content when shoulder carried. The leather is so soft, the shape just adapts and when set down, looks like a big leather puddle!
  8. I absolutely love it! Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous.
  10. Very nice! I LOVE most of Gustto's leather! So luscious! Enjoy your new bag!
  11. beautiful. what color is the lining?
  12. It's the new tan color.
  13. Oh, wow! The new tan lining is nice, and I bet it makes the Baca soooo much better! Congrats!
  14. ^^:roflmfao: You are too cute tonij!

    I love Baca leather and I have to say, I came *this* close to buying this bag about a year ago but thought the lining was too delicate so I passed on it. This seems like the kind of bag that gets better with age/use. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats! I love Gustto! I have a regular baca in "dark navy" which is indistinguishable from black, if you ask me! I love my bacas!!