Gustto bags (Setela) in Caramel, thoughts?

  1. YEA!!!! I just bought a large Gustto Setela on eBay for $435!!!! The bag is absolutely gorgeous. I was all set to order one from Active Endeavors when I found this bag. One thing about it is that it's the caramel colored bag, and I was originally trying to choose between Tobacco or Taupe.

    I have a question about the caramel colored Gustto bags - -I know that the leather's very soft, distressed & maybe a little bit sensitive. Does the caramel color show wear easier than some of the other colored bags? You know, like creases, scuffs and other normal signs of aging? Also, do they seem to pick up dirt more than darker colors?

    I guess what I mean is, do the caramel color bags tend to look more worn and/or dirty faster than the darker color gustto bags?

    I know that caramel is one of the more popular, harder to find colors and I actually don't have any bags in that color, but I hope I won't be sorry.
  2. The Bag you won is gorgeous..and great price! Please let us know how it works for you. I ordered a Tobacco in Medium but it won't come in for about a month. I'd like to know about the leather issues too. Is it about equal to the Baca? I have no problems with my Baca leather looking too worn although it's also in Vintage Brown.
  3. Congrats on the bag- I have the exact one & you'll LOVE it! As far as it looking worn- so hard to answer b/c it is distressed yes- mine does show small marks, etc, but the thing is that it doesn't matter b/c it goes with the look of the bag...make sense? :smile:
    Another thing I wanted to answer for you guys in another post is about the Caramel is beautiful! It's not orange-y but rather more of a butterscotch-y tan. Hope you love it!
  4. thanks guys! I'll post pics when I get the bag - one thing about this bag is that she said it doesn't come with a sleeper (she said that it didn't come with one & that at the time she bought this bag, they weren't coming w/sleeper bags (??)). Does anyone know where I could get find Gustto sleeper bag?
  5. Do Gussto do sleeper bags? I got mine at a sample sale and no sleeper bag either. I seem to recall someone saying once that they don't do it.
  6. Maybe she's right & the earlier ones didn't come w/sleepers. I've seen them on eBay (but now makes me wonder if that's a tip-off to the fakes??) There's also a black satin (silk?) on on eBay right now - they're selling it for $15. Also, the JCMadison site says they come w/one, but Active Endeavors doesn't mention one.
  7. I doubt very much you'll be sorry! It sounds gorgeous and I can't wait to see pictures!:yes:
  8. My cousin got the Setela Taupe (grayish) and it looks fab. Gray seems to be the up-n-coming color. Don't have one in my closet yet. She said actually shipped her 2 black satin dustbags of different sizes.:yahoo: