Gustto bags I tryed on today .. pics....

  1. I bought the beige one with black patent trim , its so cute ,a great smooshy spring bag ( looks bad against my winter coat) . I really like this white one as well. what do you think? sorry the pic quality is aweful.
    Photo0055.jpg Photo0056.jpg
  2. AHHHHH! I'm in love!!! I'm so jealous, I'm GREEN!!!
  3. Lovely!
  4. Wonderful choice! I like the white/black patent one too!!! Congrats
  5. I like the one you bought! Cute!
  6. Very pretty! I've picked that one up many times and am always amazed at the smooshy soft leather!
  7. I love the beige one with black patent trim. Congrats!!!
  8. The one you bought is great!!!!!! Congrats

    Wow, nevern heard of Gustto bags before - have to check it out... ;)
  9. Oooh! The white with black patent trim looks really nice on you!
  10. I like both and think that either choice would have been great!
  11. That had to be a tough decision...they are both cute bags! Enjoy!
  12. I like them both!!
  13. Congrats!! I like the beige one better!! so cute!!!
  14. The first one is cute!
  15. Thanks everyone! I love these bags , they are so soft. Everyone thinks they are over priced . Y is this I think they are pretty well made . The lining does suck though , its ugly as hell