Gustto Bags (esp Baca's) - Where's Your Made in Mex tag?

  1. I'm just curious becuz it seems to vary. I wonder if it's a seasonal thing, or distributor.

    I have an older Baca, and the tag is on the side of the bag. I also have a Setela, and it's in the same place. I have seen pics of other bags (mainly Baca's) where the tag is attached to the inner label, and hangs down from the bottom/center. And then I've seen pics where it looks like there are two tags inside the bag.

    Where is the Made in Mexico tag on your Gustto bag?
  2. I'll be surprised if there is any consistency with this at all... Gustto can't even use the same zippers on their bags! LOL...

    My "Hecho en Mexico" tag is on inner right side of the bag. My Baca is the regular-sized black one.
  3. Oh yea! I forgot about the "Hencho en Mexico" tag! My Baca has that tag (it's an older bag), but my Setela is in English.
  4. So I recd my Big Baca today, and guess what? The "Made in Mexico" tag is attached to the bottom of the leather label on the inner zippered pocket! So I now have three diff Gussto's which all have this tag in a diff spot!!!

    I was thinking that the tag under the label might have been a sign of a fake, but this bag is definitely authentic (at least I'm fairly positive!), so now I'm not so sure. I think it's odd tho, that this tag didn't show up in any of the pics that the seller took - almost like she purposely pushed it down so that it wouldn't show up. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

    (I do wish I'd hear from other Baca owners that they're tags are in the same place - maybe a little reassurance?!)
  5. One of my Gusttos has it imprinted on the leather 'Gustto' tag on the zipper pocket; the other one (got it used)--I cannot find the tag anywhere but it is authentic. Maybe the prior owner removed it, especially if it was one of the white paper tags. The linings on these bags are different, the zippers are different, no real consistency but great bags.

  6. Your bag says MADE IN MEXICO on the leather label inside the bag? I've never seen that before - all of my Gustto's say DESIGNED IN USA on that label.

    Honestly, other than the Big Baca I just recd, the only place I've seen the white MADE IN MEXICO tag hanging off the leather label was in pics on eBay - I wish some owners of Gustto bags could tell me if any of their bags are like this -
  7. I should have been more specific--it's an older style bag and it says 'MADE IN SPAIN' imprinted on the leather 'GUSTTO' tag by the zipper inside.