Gustto Baca under $300

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  1. Hi girls, I got a Gustto Baca for under $300 that a good deal or should I cancel my order? :s Does anyone have this does it look and feel? TIA!
  2. That's a great deal - they usually run $600+. What color did you buy? Where did you get it?
  3. Great deal. Please share where you found this.
  4. Yes, I would say that's a good deal depending on the color. Sometimes you can find the less sought-after colors on eBay for less than $300 (say the blue or the rust), but that is definitely a good deal for a staple color like black or brown. Nice find!
  5. i got it at bloomingdales. the color i got is called the picture it looks like a light tan but ive never seen the bag in person. is it does it feel?!...
  6. That was a great deal, congrats!

    I love my bacas and would love a large one even though the smaller size can hold all my stuff and then some.

    It should feel super soft and light weight. Please post pics when it comes.
  7. Thats a great deal, even at the sample sale you aren't going to get a Baca for much less than that! congrats!
  8. You got a great deal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. It's very very soft, smooth... your heart will drop when you receive it. The leather feels amazing. You will not be disappointed.

    do you have the link so we could see the taupe color?
  9. All gone!
  10. This deal is available again at bloomingdales. I got the gustto cala instead at this price...
  11. Did you get it on What color did you get?? I'm DYING to get my hands on a non-metallic cala at a reasonable price!!
  12. The Cala I got was for $346 in black color. Looks like this:

  13. ^^^ I don't think this is allowed.
  14. Have you received your Baca yet? Do you love it!??