Gustto Baca - Should I grab this one?

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  1. So I decided to chance it. I didn't want to wait. I started obsessing about it - my heart started racing, I began to sweat. Kept refreshing the page making sure no one else used the BIN before I made up my mind!!

    I checked her FB - she looks like she has a Gustto thing! I know the pics aren't that great, but I figure if the bag is more worn and/or damaged than I hope, I can always use it as a "knock around" bag. At least then I won't be so worried about being extra careful with it! But maybe it's just a few spots that will come clean w/a conditioner.

    I am wondering, is this the same color as salesrep's bag? I really like her bag - if that's the color, I think I'm gonna luv it!!!
  2. To me, It looks the same as salesrep's blue Gustto. This bag is a beauty! I never had this bag ever. My bags are mostly Bal, YSL, Bottega, Tod's, plus the Gryson I just got. How is Gustto's quality?

  3. It looks identical to the color of my Baca. And for future reference, I called Gustto and the official color name of that bag is simply 'Blue'.

    It looks like she has abit of something on one strap, little speckles of some dirt or mold, not sure. You may have to have the bag cleaned but so what, that price is fantastic.

    Show us pics when you get her.
  4. she actually says that those spots (in the fuzzy close-up) are on the bottom, which is why I'm not too concerned. I can always take my leather lotion and try cleaning it myself. Sometimes that's all these bag need (I've learned a lot of sellers don't want to be bothered w/cleaning & conditioning their bags!). If it's the leather that's worn, so what - at least then I won't have to be extra careful w/it!! But I think a good cleaning may be all this bag needs

    I'll definitely post pics when it arrives!!
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