Gustto Baca Question

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  1. Hi everyone!!! So as you know if you've read other gustto posts I got my baca at the sample sale and so I want to ask... Does amyones or everyones bacas have gustto marked on the studs? Mine doesn't have it on any of the studs and I've seen eBay pictures of them with gustto written on the studs!!!!

    Let me know!!!!!
  2. I don't know the answer to your question but I have one of my own so I thought I'd apply it here.
    I have been looking over Gustto bags here and there trying to decide. I've decided against the Setella for it being to large but the Baca seems great. Is it as squichy and unstructured as it looks. Pics seems to have it melt in a puddle when it isn't held up. Is this right? I am trying to figure if that would drive me crazy.
  3. I was fondling the cream Bacas at the sample sale. Didn't get one as they were all dirty beyond repair and they were the smaller size, which I thought was surprisingly small. Anyway to answer your question Lexie, yes it does melt into a puddle when it isn't held up. The leather is wonderfull and mushy and the colors are great, but I think if you don't fill her up, it will be hard finding stuff in there. Also to me it's definitely a casual bag only, but I'm a little conservative as to what I consider appropriate in certain circumstances.
  4. hEY Lexie :smile: well to answer your Q yes it melts into a puddle, i LOVE the way it looks i wouldnt give it up for anything i love the color i have everytihng, the only thing i would say is that because its SOOOO smushy its hard to get stuff out of unless you can rest it on your knee or something, like to hold it up in the air and try to get stuff out of it NOT easy! :smile: I happen to use lots of little pouches, and wristlets and stuff to keep things in so i can just grab the one i need with little help but if you keep tons of smaller stuff lloose in your bag that could get annoying,., but honestly i love it! :smile:

    and the leather is SOOO soft its like hard to explain how amazing its like petting a baby kitten! and the leather is pretty thick it doesnt feel like thin leather at all its sturdy!
  5. anyone with a BACA know the answer to my question :smile:
  6. I like the baca bag , but wanted to tell you that I love the pic of your kitties slush, so so cute
  7. Well Bessie, as you know I have the Parina bag, so I don't know if this is much help, but my studs do have Gustto written into the studs. I checked Revolve, and from their pics, it does look like it's written on Baca studs as well. Sample sale bags aren't meant to be perfect, so maybe that's the defect on your bag? Maybe try contacting Gustto and asking them to make sure?

    Gustto, Inc
    San Diego, CA 92101 USA
    Phone : 1(858) 433-0406
    Fax : 1(858) 433-0407

    Email :
  8. heeh aw thanks baby K i did the same thing and saw it was engraved on the website bags so i emailed jordan @ clothing line just to ask why that might be

    but im thinking it was prob a defect too, i am pretty positive its authentic tho i dont think that sample sale would sell unauthentic merch. AND its such amazing leather def. not something cheap

    but im gonna wait and hear what jordan says and contact gustto i guess when the week starts,,,maybe ill email,, :smile:
  9. Bessie...I am still trying to decide about the Baca. I can't make a decision. Is there anyway you can post a pic of the bag just hanging from your hand with a moderate amount of "junk" in it? I don't know if it's shape is going to drive me mad or not.
    Pretty please?????
  10. You're making me want to buy this bag!!! LOL I love it! Are the straps comfortable on the shoulder?
  11. ZACOREY!! O MY GOD YESS! :smile: the straps it feels like you have nothing on your shoulder, the leather is so light weight and amazing it sits perfectly i totally am a pusher for the gustto baca i say BUY IT BUY IT hahaa :smile:

    and LEXIE I will indeed post pictures of it, right now i left it at my friends house :sad: BOOO and shes away for the wkend so my poor baby is stuck in her house (thank goodness i didnt leave my wallet in it!!)
    But i am getting it back monday so ASAP when i get home monday night ill take pics for you of it with my Junk hehe in it

    do you want it just handing in my hands suspended in the air :smile: or on my shoulder ? :smile: let me knoww!!
  12. ooo and also here is the email i sent and reponse from jordan @ clothing line -always so fast to reply! :smile:
    i also emailed gustto but havent heard back yet! !:smile: thanks babyk

    Hi I am sorry to ask such an awful question but i bought my gustto baca at the sample sale at clothing line and i love it but i am confused
    every single picture i have ever seen of the baca has gustto embossed into the metal studs on the bag <>prd_id=845524446144319&FOLDER<>folder_id=282574492704595&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=1408474395222441&bmUID=1174099347079
    can be seen in a zoom image there,,,

    mine doesn't have this,,,, all of the others i have seen on the web ALL have it and mine does not! :sad:
    i find that strange and wanted to know if there is any way it is not authentic?
    if that isnt a possibility what do you think can account for this?
    please write back thanks!

    Hi Bessie,

    We run sales directly for the manufacturers. The Gustto bags come directly from Gustto. We do not
    get them from third parties. We sell the bags on consignment for Gustto. I am not sure why your
    Gustto bag does not have embossed studs. While the majority of the bags we are selling now are
    from stock and are current, we do have a few that were past seasons or samples. Maybe your bag
    was one of those.

    We do not allow exchanges on the Gustto handbags. The main reason for this policy is so no one
    can exchange a knock-off with one of our bags. Unfortunately there are a few bad seeds out there.
    This policy guarantees any bag we sell are 100% authentic Gustto bags, because 100% of the bags
    come directly from Gustto.

    I hope this puts your mind at ease.


    SO YAY :smile: MY BAG IS FOR SURE AUTHENTIC (which i was pretty sure it was)
  14. Since you got it at a sample sale, it probably is a designer sample. A sample bag is almost like a prototype and may not have all the same features as the final product that winds up in stores.