Gustto Baca- protector/conditioner?


Feb 13, 2008
New York
Hi I am fairly new to purchasing higher priced bags (must admit it's addicting:drool::P). But now I am scared of them getting ruined. I know that a lot of other Threads have posted opinions on what's good for LV/ HERMES etc.

But what about Gustto... I really want to protect my Bacas. And I also have one that needs a little lift me up (faace lift ;) color wise... Any suggestions. With this brand. TIA


wag more, bark less
Aug 11, 2007
The Dirty South
I use Wilson's Leather & Suede Protector spray on my leather bags (even the smooshiest, gushiest types of leather; like Gustto's leather!). If you do a search, you will see many posts about this spray. Tons of PF'er swear by the stuff! I just recently started using it, and now I don't want to leave the house with a leather bag unless I have sprayed it with this stuff!
It doesn't alter the color, texture, or shine at all, but makes it water and stain-proof. If you don't have a Wilson's near you, you can buy it online @ $8/bottle.


Jun 23, 2007
Mile High State
I've used Wilson's as well with good results. Another one of my favorites is the Apple Guard line. I think I saw a thread on deals~n~steals that was having a sale on it.