Gustto Baca Owners - Need Color Help!!!

  1. I've been wanting a small Gustto baca for awhile now and have decided to go for it! My problem is, I can't decide between rust and brown:confused1:
    I originally was going to go with the brown, but then spotted the rust! I'm liking it, just not sure it would go with as much.
    Here are the links to the 2 auctions I'm watching:
    Any opinions/advice would be appreciated! TIA
  2. Both colors of the Baca will see alot of use.

    Of course the brown one is the 'safe' choice. And the rust is the fun choice. In my opinion, you could wear either one with many, many things. Only you can decide if it goes with your wardrobe.

    I wear alot of dark wash jeans, simple tops, Fall-ish colors like golds, khaki, cream, deep rust, chocolate. I felt the rust was the best choice for me and besides, I have a sea of brown and black bags already, that base was covered.

    Here is a pic of the rust and my photos are true to color.

    Good luck with your hunt.
    RustBacaFront.jpg RustBacaBottom.jpg RustBacaSide.jpg
  3. I'm with LSR, the rust will go every place the brown will! I'd try for it.

    Both will be gorgeous though, so I know you'll love either!
  4. Go with the rust, HuskyLover, more special!:smile:
  5. I have the brown and I love it but sometimes I do find it drab. But I can't justify buying more than one just to get another color. I would buy what colors makes your heart tighten when you see it (or maybe that is just angina I am feeling everytime this happens...LOLOL) Well, whatever it is, buy a bag and it goes away. If it doesn't....better see a doctor! :wtf:
  6. I've been lusting after the rust for some time too! I'd go with that. The brown is nice, but nothing special. If you're like me, you have more brown and black than you can handle! Go for the rust. I doubt many people have it and it's a great summer and fall color!
  7. OK - rust it is! Well, as long as it doesn't go too high in $. If it does, I always have the brown to fall back on!
    Thanks ladies!
  8. Let us know if you win the auction, good luck!
  9. I just checked the rust baca and noticed the last bidder retracted their bid. I've read all the posts, and looked at alot of these bags, and this one looks good to me. Is there something I may be missing here?
  10. I just took at look at that auction, it looks good to me, authentic.

    It is a sample bag and probably has some minor color rub from blue jeans. Do not expect this bag to look brand new, that's all. That would not bother me one bit.

    It also might not be ~exactly~ like a brand new rust, it could be a prototype, why else would it be in a sample sale this early in the game, the rust JUST came out.

    All in all it might be a great way to get this bag and same a boatload of money. Good luck.
  11. Why is the listing private? This always weirds me out when I see it. And how are you able to 'retract' a bid? I've never heard of having that option. Have I entered some bizarre eBay Twilight Zone? :confused1:
  12. jade, apparently the lady put in the wrong digit when making a bid. I have retracted once because I typed in $1200 instead of $120.

    And private listings help protect the bidders from scamming emails.
  13. It looks really nice and it seems like a good auction. I can't see any wear so lets hope it's not too bad. If it is you could always send it back and file a claim as significantly not as described. Because the auction shows a really nice looking bag. Maybe write her and ask for a pic of the jean rub.

    Private listing means nothing. Protects you from getting spam from other sellers. And retractions are comman. I've only ever filed one but thye are needed sometimes as in SalesRep's case.
  14. Dark brown will be better.:tup:
  15. I have it in Caramel. I have never seen anyone wearing it...If you want it for fall go Brown. If you want it for now go Rust.
    Good luck. It's a great bag.:smile: