Gustto Baca - Is it Authentic?

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  1. Where are you Bessie? :smile:
  2. That looks like a Big Baca, not a Torlia as they have it listed.

    As far as I can tell it looks authentic BUT I hesitate....that price seems so very question is ..why?

    Here are pics of my small Baca so you can see how the leather should appear.

    Bessie...what do you think of that black Big Baca?

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  3. They actually say it's the Large Size in the description (and the measurements they provide confirm this) - they also have a Torilia listed, so I think they just forgot to change the name when they were writing the description.

    I know the starting price is low - but it's also a used handbag. I don't pay as much attention to low starting prices and/or low FB on previously carried bags. If I did I'd have missed out on some great bargains and deals (perfect example - I just bought a gently used Gryson Olivia for $250 - 1000% authentic!!!). When I sell my used bags, I start the bidding at 9.99 w/no reserve - my thinking is that any price you sell a used bag for is a profit seeing as you bought the bag to use in the first place (not sell). I try to use my best judgment, and the seller's other listings to try & determine a bag's authenticity.

    I know that the leathers on these bags vary from bag to bag - color to color. But has anyone seen (or own) one that is that bumpy and wrinkly? I was also looking at all the other listings that this seller has. I'm not that familiar with any of those designers, so I can't tell if they're authentic or not (they also have Lamb, Coach, Juicy, Biasia, Botkier and more).

    I've contacted them asking for more info and addtl pics - but no response as of yet.
  4. heyy :smile: SORRY GUYS :smile: where have i been!

    yea i dont love that i dont see a picture of the zipper pocket with the leather tag thingy saying gustto on it,,, i mean generally it looks just fine but i would want to def see that detail

    it looks like the studs have the gustto engraved on them, and the seller has TONS of feedback for selling authentic, coach , kooba, gustto soo thats a good sign :smile:

    I would see if you get some more pics and see what the return policy is if there is anything shady about it but it looks good as best i can see :smile:
  5. thanks for your input & opinion. I did contact them asking for pics of just that (the inside where the zipper pocket/label is), so I'm hoping to hear back from them soon. Like I said before, I know the leather on each of these bags is so diff - I guess I just never saw one that bumpy & wrinkly before (in the pic of the lining - did you see all the "bumps" on the handle?). So, that looks good to you?

    Also, what do you think of this seller's other listings? Do most of those look legit to you? Their pics aren't the greatest (that can sometimes be a good thing, as it shows they're not a pro!), but it doesn't seem like they have a lot of names are faked that often (Biasia, Michael Kors, Betsy Johnson), although some of them are (Coach, Juicy, Lamb) - I just hope this isn't a case of fakes mixed in w/authentic.
  6. Here is what a FAKE Baca can look like...pretty darn good. This is taken from IOffer and is sold for, get this, $175.00.

    The wrinkling in the leather is rather telltale, as you might see.

    The Ebay listing though has pretty normal leather so I find it a tough one to call. You cannot go by the inside Gustto tag nor the Gustto engraved on the rivets to prove authenticity.

    I am on the fence about your Ebay listing, it looks good and probably is a good deal. The seller has other fine bags for sale so she at least knows good quality.

    So it's your call, with trepidation.

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  7. Yep, those fake Gusttos have that awful texture...and like someone else defined it so burnt flesh.
    I am on the fence on this bag too. This person sells alot of Gusttos but seems to know nothing about them. No actual names, etc...and sells them cheap cheap. But there is nothing blatantly wrong with it although I think the leather could look better. Someone in here has a Black Baca. Maybe they can post pics. But That's not a sure fire call either as Gustto leather varies so wildly.
  8. Heck, if it were me I would probably make a best offer, pretty low but reasonable.

    If she accepted it I would write a note (only after the acceptance of the offer) and state: 'I am buying this Gustto with the expectation it is 100%authentic and was manufactured by Gustto'.

    Keep a copy of this correspondance. I hope and trust the bag is good. If it isn't, you then have some proof of your expectation in the sale and can then file a Paypal claim with this as evidence.

    Good luck and let us know!
  9. I do see what you're saying about the leather, although there was one other noticeable difference to that fake one from iOffer - the inner zipper pocket. Gustto uses those small, cheapie gold zippers that barely fit in between your fingers (they could at least put a leather strip on it like the front/main zippers!!). The one that you showed as an example had a yellow plastic zipper pull - never saw an auth Gustto like that!! (another thing, altho it could be the lighting - that lining looks too yellow. Auth Gustto linings are more of a gold-ish yellow)

    I think that's the hard thing about Gustto - the authentic ones already have cheap, knock-off looking details to them (poor stitching, zippers that lack quality) that it's hard to tell an authentic one from a fake. That's why I was wondering about the other listings this seller has. How do those bags look? Do any of those appear to be obvious fakes, or do they all look to be authentic?
  10. He's just an odd seller to me. Only 5o feedback and he has a slew of bags up. He has like 5 Coach legacy bags up, all the same style, and some using the same pics. That isn't good. His used Kooba only has a stock picture. And the pics he does take are just plain crappy. I personally would not buy from him. If he wants to sell bags he has to get more serious about it. He doesn't even list their names. It's like he got 50 bags at the same time and just slapped them on ebay as fast as he can. Worrisome to me. Where do you get all these bags of the same style?
    His pics are so bad it's anyone's guess if they are authentic or of the same bag even!!
  11. I think if you look at where the studs are that connect straps, they are fake if it doesn't get more narrow where the studs are---does that make sense?...sorry, bad explanation but that is true. Also, there is a brown baca that is from Lninos and i was going to buy it, but do we know for SURE it is real?...
  12. yes we know lexie is friends with him and his wife and has been buying from him for years! there isnt a question
  13. I decided against that bag - too many questions. The seller responded to my question, but didn't send any more pics (like I asked) - this is what they said:

    This handbag has been used before; I do not know how long, I got it from somebody else. The purse has two stamps on the inside pocket. The lining is dirty. Thank you.

    I don't mind gently used bags, but only if they're authentic, and I can't seem to confirm this one's authenticity. I don't feel like going through all that and ending up w/a fake that I'd have to return and/or fight for my money back.

    I think I might just wait a little while and use my 30% new customer discount from Revolve. I''ve just gone overboard w/bags lately and have to wait a little while (just hope they still have the color I want when I'm ready!!).

  14. there are a few bacas on sale at saks right now for like $533 and i think a free shipping code t:huh:!!! :smile: may be worth looking into :smile:

    And i think you made the right choice too many risks in that bag :smile: