Gustto Baca in Rust - More Inconsistencies? Or is it Fake?

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  1. OK - So I decided that I wanted a Rust colored Baca. I couldn't find one online but did find one on eBay. The price is low enough to make it worth it, and the seller appears to be reputable (plus, I haven't seen any Rust bags on iOffer yet!). I looked at all the pics closely, and the bag appeared to be authentic (at first, I thought the shape looked wrong, but then I found ladysalesrep's pics of her bag, and they're shaped the same). Obviously rust is one of the newer colors. I don't know if there were that many of that color made, but they sure seemed to disappear quickly. Since we know that rust is a new color from the current season, I expected the inside to be consistent w/newer bags. But looking at the pics of the interior of the bag on eBay, and the interior of ladysalesrep's bag, there are some differences

    Here is the bag on eBay:

    And here is ladysalesrep Rust Baca:

    Here are the differences I see:

    (1) there doesn't seem to be leather trim around the smaller cell phone pocket - my setela has this trim, so I know exactly what salesrep is describing, but the bag on ebay doesn't look like it has the leather

    (2) the inner zipper pocket of ladysalesrep's bag is trimmed w/leather - the one on ebay isn't

    (2) the MADE IN MEXICO tag looks like it's near the bottom of the bag inside the ebay bag - ladysalesreps looks like it's near the top

    (3) ladysalesrep's bag doesn't say DESIGNED IN USA on the inner leather label - the bag on ebay does.

    Do you guys think these are just more inconsistencies between the interior of Gustto bags, or do you think the bag on ebay could be fake?
  2. read our rules before posting here again please.
  3. I've read the rules before - but went back to check. What did I do wrong?
  4. I don't think it was you, I think it was me...Sorry! I just read the rules..they were hard for me to find. won't happen again!
  5. That's a relief - I couldn't figure out what I did! Anyhow.......

    Do you have any addtl info to add about the Rust colored Baca?
  6. now I'm nervous I'm going to post something "illegal" I have a rust baca thats authentic, I can try and post pics if you want...I just have to figure out how. If I can't figure it out here, I can always e-mail them to you so you can compare it to the one on ebay
  7. you don't have to post pics - I've seen the pics of salesrep's bag, so I know what they look like. I'm just wondering whether or not these inconcistencies are just that - more Gustto inconsistencies, or if it's more serious and the bag on ebay could be fake.

    Does your bag have leather trim around the inner pocket? Where is the white MADE IN MEXICO tag on your bag? What about your cell phone pocket - is it trimmed w/leather? And finally, does your inner leather label say DESIGNED IN USA (like the one I linked on ebay) or does it just say GUSTTO? (like ladysalesrep's?)
  8. I would chalk it up to Gustto's famous inconsistencies.

    I think that Baca looks fine. Even though it's a different color than mine, the leather and workmanship appear authentic. We have discussed so many of Gustto's inconsistencies in the past months, that it doesn't surprise me that a new color would have them as well...

    I think I remember someone saying recently that Gustto is again changing who manufactures their bags, so that could be an explanation as well...
  9. I've purchased from that seller before and had good luck, and from the looks of the photos, I doubt the bag is fake.
  10. I think she may have gotten it at the Gustto sample sale in nyc. The only Gustto bags she has for sale are the Rust and the one with patent handles. Those were the only ones left when I went on the 2nd day of the sale. Maybe that'll help?

    I bought a small rust baca there...and the details are EXACTLY like the one on ebay. I think maybe because these were sample sale bags, there are slight differences. Like maybe these were made before they decided to put leather trim on the insides, and "designed in the USA" etc.
  11. thanks you guys - you made me fee a lot better! I was actually going to post in the Kooba forum, cuz they have a lot of Kooba's for sale. I figured if I found out that the Kooba's were authentic, then chances are the Gustto is too.

    I thought it probably WAS real tho, cuz I don't think I've ever seen a fake rust baca.
  12. My baca does have the leather trim around the cel phone pocket and the zipper. However, no 'Made in ...' anywhere, the GUSTTO leather label on the inside says just that. I too would chalk it up to inconsistencies. It's a lovely bag.
  13. I had a feeling it was authentic, but it's always good to get a second (& 3rd, 4th, etc!) opinion. Now, I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope my bid hangs on!!

    thanks everyone!
  14. i just wore mine for the first time this weekend...I love it!!! I hope you get it.
  15. That bag is definitely authentic. She got it at the sample sale. I e-mailed her, as I was thinking about purchasing it. My sister in law got one in rust at the sample sale in NYC as well. When I e-mailed the Seller, she she said she was going back this past Thursday to see if there were any more Rust bags, and she came back with one more that is in her store at a Buy It Now price of $429.99.

    This is a brand new bag, but might be an older version of the Baca bag from 2006, that is why there might be inconsistencies in the interior. I have a few Baca bags that don't have the leather around the interior zipper, or the leather around the cell phone pocket. Those were from before xmas 2006.

    Hope this helps, and enjoy the bag if you decide to get it!