Gustto Baca color & size questions

  1. hi all, i love the Gustto Baca to pieces, the leather seems so delicious but there isn't any store that carries the brand here in Taiwan (not that i'm aware of).

    i especially like the ones with patent trim so here are some pics.




    Winter white

    since there are 2 dark and 2 light colors, which one of the black or redwood would you go for, and which one of the beige or winter white do you like?

    my other question is that on the Revolve Clothing site (the black and the redwood) the bag measures 18"L X 11"W X 7"H however the Label360 site (the light colors) shows the bag in 13"L X 8"W X 6"H. so i'm wondering if this means they are two different sizes? i was under the impression that Baca only comes in 2 sizes and both of these measurements are still smaller than the "large Baca". how could that be?

    sorry that's a lot of questions...i'm just really confused. leaning towards the redwood one but wondering if it'll be too big. thank you in advance!
  2. Thought it just came in 2 sizes also. Personally, I love both of the dark colors and I don't care for either of the light colors (but if I HAD to decide about the light, it would be winter white).
  3. It does come in 2 sizes, a small and large.

    Here is the SMALL Baca:


    and the LARGE Baca:

  4. has anyone bought one of the bags i posted? with the patent trim that is. would love to read how the leather and esp. the patent part are.