1. I was thinking of buying this in black - any pros or cons?
  2. I've seen several Gustto bags but I'm not exactly sure which one you're asking about. Could you post a picture?
  3. oops!
  4. I love that bag and I almost got it but its a bit heavy. The small one is not nearly as heavy as the large but it was awkward and seemed to really pull my hair ( I have long hair) also it did not stay on the shoulder well at all.
  5. I have seen these bags online, but not in real life yet......I THINK i really want one...but I need to see it first......I dont know anywhere around here that carries them though=(
    I like the caramel colored one......
    I think you should get it
    (if its not to heavy and all that stuff that i dont know from never actually seeing one=)
  6. A girl on another forum got one, and she said the hardware was rusty. If you end up getting one, make sure to inspect it carefully before cutting the tags off.
  7. I just got one from the Gustto sample sale (parents picked it up for me). It's in NYC, apparently they still have a few bags left but as of last Thursday evening in the baca style they only had the wine and the ivory. I got the ivory. Leather was fantastic, a lot better than I expected, almost pillow soft, slouchy. The hardware is a bit flimsy, but not terrible. I don't think it's heavy at all, but I have the one that goes on the shoulder not the handheld big baca. I'd pay $400 tops for it. At the sample sale the Gustto bags were all $295, different styles available, and apparently some truer samples of never-made bags. They still have a few bags left and are extending it through the week. check Clothingline for info on the sample sale if you were wondering!
  8. Is the smaller Baca a good size??? I carry a lot of crap, but cant decide if I should get the smaller or larger one.......
  9. I have the Baca (shoulder one) in Black and the leather is so beautiful and soft! I can fit alot of stuff in it too =)
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I have to say that the small gustto baca is just SO soft and can get a lot larger than it looks.
  11. Can the small Baca be carried on the shoulder? Any modeling pics?
  12. I have 2 of the 'small' bacas and they definitely fit on my shoulder. They are the softest bags ever and hold lots. I am considering a setela, which is even bigger, but I like the style and I change my bags often. But sorry, I have no pix. I have never had the rusty hardware problem, the buttons and ring have stayed shiney.
  13. i have a small baca and love it...i can EASILY fit in a water bottle, pda, wallet, makeup bag, keys, cell phone, magazine and some pens and pencils...i recently had the black one sent to me from bloomingdale's, but, returned it...i love the bag, but want to expand a little bit, so i got the morning after by rebecca minkoff...
  14. Don't get me started...I love my bacas! They are divine! Soft, squishy, and yet can fit a TON!!
  15. p.s. the only thing i remember also hearing is that the zippers can have problems!