Gustto Baca, anyone have this bag?

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  1. I saw one at Nordstroms , cream blush colored with black patient leather ,it was cute, wondering if its worth 770 bucks.
  2. I don't know, but I saw it too and thought it was very cute. However, later the same day I saw it mentioned in a fashion mag as a "spring must have" by some starlet or another. Somehow that just takes the fun out of it for me. :shrugs:
  3. i actually don't care much for the baca shape (i like bigger and longer), but i just got a large parina and love it - the leather is extremely sturdy (i use it to carry my laptop). the quality of the leather/bag is very good, so imo it's worth the money, but you can find the baca online with several codes...

    Gustto Large Baca Handbag in Caramel
    Designs by Gustto, Isabella Fiore, Kooba, Hayden-Harnett, Adina and More!
    Luna Boston | Browse for Gustto

    you can use code 'grechen' to save 20% at each of those places...although it doesn't seem that they have the cream.

    check out my list of sites that sell gustto and see if you can find the cream online: Grechens Closet - Gustto

  4. They are really nice bags, but overpriced IMO... I'd buy one on sale though in a heartbeat.
  5. thanks , i think this is new for s/s oh well they only have one at Nordstroms and i cant find it only anywhere , its cute with the patent leather so i wouldnt make it a work bag and the smaller size is good for weekends ect.
  6. They look like beautiful bags! I would love to see one IRL but there is no NM, BG or Nordstroms in my area, dang it! Maybe if there's a nice markdown I just might have to check them out.....