Gustto and Andrew Marc

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  1. i'm so excited i'm going to burst...

    i have two bags coming my way from lunaboston:
    the madison in black by andrew marc
    i fondled the andrew marc bag at NM the other day when i was there and couldn't stop thinking about it!!!! i'm so excited, i can't contain myself. i LOVE this bag.

    and the gustto parina in caramel
    Luna Boston | Large Parina Bag Details

    i just needed to share!!
  2. OOOh! I have an Andrew Marc leather jacket and I love it! His leather is so awsome! I needed to fix a tear I got in the seam and my leather-worker was even in awe of how fine the leather was! Good choice!
  3. oooh.... they look GREAT!
    i particulary love the leather on that andrew marc bag!
  4. They both look really soft--are they? Very nice bags. I'm sure you can't wait till you have them in your hands!
  5. Congrats, grechen! Love the look of the first bag.
  6. i haven't seen the gustto IRL yet, but i played with the andrew marc at NM the other day, and the leather is TO DIE FOR. i litterally cannot WAIT to get the bags, i'm on pins and needles!!! i've never been so excited about getting new bags than i am right now!!!
  7. I saw the Parina on sale at bloomies the other week.. I dunno... I wasn't that impressed.. but it looked like it had gotten beaten up quite a bit from being on the sale table...

    Pics pics pics! I'm excited to see your andrew marc!
  8. I think that Andrew Marc has much more going for it...the Gustto is soft leather, but not really a great quality bag, it has