Gustaf Skarsgard

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  1. Nice pics Santress and always fun to see behind the scens too.
  2. These are little big. And a little wonky. I hope they're readable :smile:
    G1.jpg G2.jpg
  3. Large and wonky..
    G3.jpg G4.jpg
  4. :smile:
    G5.jpg G6.jpg
  5. I am actually wondering - is it ok with the board guidelines to upload scans? :hrmm: Anyway, this was all of them.
    G7.jpg G8.jpg
  6. You are the best Idun!!!

    Thank you so much. Let the google translation begin.
  7. Thanks Idén and Blueberry.
  8. Yes.

    They were very good.
    Esp. Merchant of Venice.

    The dance scenes were fantastic.

    Melinda Kinnaman was in it too , she played Jessica.
  9. The lovely peeps over at Yuku have translated the King Magazine interview.
    I can't post the link, but most people here know the site very well.

    It's an interesting read. In video Gustaf comes across as a very nice guy, but in print he sometimes gives me douchey vibes. Not sure it's because he is so guarded or because he is a bit douchey. I'm hoping it's the former.
  10. Maybe something is lost in translation. Douchy is probably that last word I'd use to describe him. At least as I understand douchy. He's quite .. Idk.. opionated? forceful (probably not the right word) about certain things. He doesn't hold back his opions on certain matters. Maybe that is what doesn't translate well.
  11. I like the fact that he is opinionated. He comes across as an intelligent man. It's just the shade he throws. His statements about pretty boy roles and not being 'hunkelicious'. I feel some of it is aimed at Askars. Gustaf is the true tortured artist of the family and Alex is just the pretty one on a crappy tv show. Gustaf is of course the better actor between those two, but Alex has build up quite a good filmography of interesting indie films.

    I could be terribly wrong, but this is the image I get from reading his print interviews.