Gussto Seleta deal at Delcina

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  1. Thanks, those Delcina deals of the week are one of the best things going.
  2. OMG...i got mine for full retail (though last year and a different color).
  3. hi 'jadejet' thanks for posting ... have you seen this bag? does it look good ...

    Also, how do i put in the Grechen code for discount? cant seem to find the code box when checking out,

    Thanks again for putting up the post,

  4. yeah, they're code window is tricky or at least easy to miss. it's at the end/bottom of the page

  5. Just keep an eye out for it near the bottom of the page. You might have to put your credit card info in before you can see the coupon window.

  6. Hi Hayley,

    I don't own this bag but I am tempted. You should do a search for threads about this bag. But don't go by my horrible typo - it's a "Setela" :lol:

    A lot of TPF'ers are absolutely in love with the bag - love the squishy leather, dislike the awful "ghetto" lining, and sometimes have issues with the hardware. But all in all, many have said that it's all worth it for the divine leather. That is an excellent price for this bag, but it's a final sale so you should really have your mind made up before making the purchase.

    Hope that helps! :smile:
  7. thanks jadejett ... yes had a look at posts, and your summary spot on about leather v hardware and lining ... thing is, i am all about the detail, so might leave it ... will decide in next hour though for sure,

    thanks again for advice

  8. just to butt in.. :rolleyes:
    I recommend you go to a store and wear it and take a look. It's a good size though, I tried the medium and large.. the large was a bit big for me but the medium was juustttt right.
  9. I agree on the medium being a good size. The large is really laaarrrrgeeee.
  10. I have the medium in taupe and it's a good size. You're right too, the leather is fabulous! It's a good buy and if I didn't have one, I'd be all over this!
  11. I saw a Gustto bag that was bigger than this, about the same color blue (maybe a shade lighter), but with PEWTER hardware - at Nordstrom. I've been looking online since then and only found ones with GOLD hardware. Have any of y'all seen the ones w/pewter hardware? I like the look much better than the gold.

  12. Grace, do both straps stay on the shoulder or does the outer one keep falling off like most bags' straps? tia
  13. Hum, pewter. Have to check that out! Gold is safe...
  14. They do a good job of staying up and I have sloping shoulders too so a bag that won't fall off is always a favorite with me.