Gussto Parina Drawstring Handbag - The Hi-tech handbag

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    Gussto Parina Drawstring Handbag

    Everybody knows a woman carries her whole life in her handbag--so why not have one that organizes her many electronic devices? Celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton tote this carryall around Hollywood. It's got separate slots hold phone, iPod, and Blackberry or Treo.

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  2. cute
  3. I have the Parina, and I have to say I don't really take advantage of the "hi-tech" pockets. I guess I'm a throw-everything-in kinda girl.
  4. The shape is unusual, I think....but I like it.
  5. I've noticed that bag before and would love to have one in a sale price, of course.
  6. I just went on Shopbop and it doesn't seem to be there anymore...