Gurr.. I couldnt believe that this is the service I got from LV....

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  1. i just love it when SA's treat customers poorly...not to be *rude* but it is their JOB to make sure the customer is happy..or no commish for them! sorry about your bad experience :sad: I had the best SA ever today at LV!
  2. So much for customer service :tdown: Sorry happened to you :sad:
  3. hi shopalicious.. just wondering if you have lodged a complain about it? and if so how does it go?? i believe all of us would like to know the result :P
  4. must be fired or something...gosh..that is horrible!! i hope you hear from LV!
  5. Yuck, that is horrible! I can totally understand why you would be so mad and frustrated. I hope you get in touch with someone who can answer your complaint and also somebody who can help you find that bandeau as it is so cute!
  6. Did you get a reply to your e-mail complaint. You must keep at it and report her!!! She needs to take responsibility for her VERY unprofessional actions. I hope this unclassy lady gets reprimanded!!
  7. eek, can you report her?
  8. I did report her .. it has been a week and no reply from LV yet..!! Since we have to call the same CS number to reach any LV store in HK.... I have no choice but to call that number again!! But to my surprise they are so poilte this time and seems to know more abt their product. I am going to write another email again !! My regular SA actually apolgize to me for the CS .. !

    And Btw.. I am getting my bandeau in the mail.. my lovely friend in the states locate it for me and is mailing it over .. YAY !! I am so suuupper happy !!
  9. OMG!horrible manners!
  10. Oh sorry to hear that. I had a similar problem before the love bandeau was released in the US. I call 866 and they had no info on it. She wasn't aware of it even though it was on the UK site. Besides that she was very nice and was sorry she couldn't help. The rep you had to deal with was very nasty!!!!
  11. That is waaay out of line. I'd be reporting her pronto.
  12. That's awful, glad you got an apology even if it wasn't from the same lady!
  13. Wow, I think bad phone experiences are the worst... as if the person on the other end can be a jerk just because they can't see you.