Gurr.. I couldnt believe that this is the service I got from LV....


May 28, 2007
Hong Kong
Ok.. I just moved to Hong Kong from California. I am used to the friendly attitude of the SA in SF and those when u called 866 vuitton!!

I called the central number of LV ( since my SA is not working) today so that I can order some pre-fall bags and I fall in love with the love Bandeau after seeing numerous post of pics in this blog on. I love the idea of decorating my bag with the bandeau... !

Argh .. ok back to the story.. I called the number and this lady picked up the phone. Our conversation as follow:

Me: Hi, Can u please check if the Love Bandeau is avaliabe ?
LVCS: Oh.. where did u see it i never heard of such prodcut before are u sure is authentic ?
Me: Yeah. I saw it in store and on the website.
LVCS:Oh I cant find it in the website... I can tell u that is fake.
Me: Can u please check the website again
LVCS: I told u there is no such product. What more do u want ?
Me: Fine.. Can I talk to your manager may be he or she might know what I am talking abt.
LVCS: Ok. I am sorry I will check the system for u .
LVCS: ok .. I see it now the model number is blah blah blah .. Go check in the store yourself.
Me::cursing:Excuse me miss can u just transfer me to Landmark store ? So I could at least have someone who knows abt the products?
LVCS:Sorry I cant do that .
Me: What ?
LVCS:Ok... thanks for calling

Then she hangs me up .. What da...

Ok.. so I called the hotline back ... the same lady picks up the phone.. She told me she is the only one working. Then she added if everyone calls and just locate a scarf she will have a busy day !! What da...

I go like thats not the attitude I get when order the Limited Edition Bags... and when I ordered ready to wear& shoes... !! then I heard a click ... Argh... !! I cant find any manager nor I cant find any one who I can complain to .. I wrote the LV a long email cos I am so mad... havent heard any reply from them yet

Ladies .. I feel better now.. not sure if anyone would read this .. but for those who did thank u for letting me blah it out !! :hysteric:


:: Pantie & Pidtu ::
Sep 19, 2006
:: The sun always shines ::
OMG... I'm so sorry to hear that. She was so mean...

Can you go to the store yourself??

Ps. I think SAs at Penninsular is good, you may want to give it a try..


More LV Please!!!!
Jan 19, 2007
At Louis Vuitton ;)
Omg. She was so rude! It doesnt matter if she would have a busy day ! It's her job!!!! Always feel free the Blah it out here :smile:
I agree with John can you get her name?
I'm looking for the Love Bandeau too !
Good luck hope you find it!
I'm still looking


loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
That's really rude and unfortunate! I haven't had that experience when calling 1-866 people, they are always really helpful. Hopefully if you call back you will get some better service - it's not that hard to locate a bandeau! My boutiques have them in, but I'm in Canada!


May 28, 2007
Hong Kong
Thanks everyone .. I never have that happened to me before when I called the 866 number... but just that stupid Hong Kong central vuitton number.. Couldnt believe how rude they are.. But I did got her name down ... and wrote it down in my complain email !!

suzie w

Jan 14, 2006
write an email- link on the lv website. with details of course. too bad u didnt get her name. but with the time and date they can figure it out. most phone calls for customer service are recorded now.


Feb 13, 2007
los angeles, ca
the central store is very rude. i always use the pacific place store. try them. i'm sorry to hear about the poor cust service you experienced, don't let it get you down.


Apr 27, 2007
1 friend got the similar experience...I love LV, but I have to say, the service they done was much more worse than hermes,chanel, even ferragamo~


In a riveting LV trance
May 17, 2006
that's horrible!!! Does she think she's so great cause she can answer the phone for LV??? *bah* and to think she had the audacity to give you such crap service because she thinks you're just purchasing a scarf. Man does she even know that LV accessories aren't even that cheap? She's an idiot. I've had a lot more better service even from non-luxury store...

It's right you had a rant shopalicious. I feel for you... Hope you have better service and that you finally find that bandeau!

Other than that...I really did like HK very very much when I went over. :smile:

Caesar Salad

May 10, 2007
Koala Land
that is unacceptable!! you definitely have to complain about it...

i do not like the vuitton services in HK.. probably they just do not care much as they have so many businesses everyday anyway... :confused1: and somehow i can tell how they judge their customers by their outfit, what bags you are using etc...


Apr 9, 2007
I agree with John. I'd do what John suggest. Wherever LV is, I think customer service should be #1