Gunmnetal bag help....

  1. Cole Haan mini triple zip in gunmetal, AC Mini city (I hae a jet setter jr in black, is it too similar?), or something else..?????????:drool:
  2. Botkier makes a great gunmetal in the Bianca. I think the large is the only size that's current. I don't have either of the ones you mentioned so I can't really comment.
  3. Love the Cole Haan!
  4. Cole Haan triple zip is a beauty! I am coveting the larger Village triple zip (first 2 pics) myself.

    I noticed you are leaning towards smaller bags. If you're interested in crossbody (last pic), B.Makowsky gunmetal is very casual.
    COLE HAAN VILLAGE.jpg cole haan village 2.jpg bl-139_zi_gunmetal.jpg
  5. I love Cole Haan's gunmetal color, so I vote for that one.