Gunmetal Rhyder 24 is here

  1. Style # 33684 AKGUN $350
    1406910524393.jpg 1406910535961.jpg 1406910547171.jpg 1406910558277.jpg 1406910569057.jpg 1406910578737.jpg
  2. Inside
    1406910668047.jpg 1406910679437.jpg 1406910690267.jpg
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Compared with Mini B and Jade Rhyder
    1406910720927.jpg 1406910732686.jpg 1406910744177.jpg 1406910755578.jpg 1406910765938.jpg 1406910777687.jpg
  5. Is it love?
  6. Ohhhhh I love that jade Rhyder!
  7. Yes it is. I love the texture of the leather and everything about it. So diff looking.
  8. Yeah from your pics the texture and finish look great. I love that sort of antiquated finish to the leather.
  9. I love the gunmetal , its on my want list:biggrin:
  10. This bag would be a crossbody only for me bc the handles are not very big. But I bought it for a crossbody only bag so it works. It is easier to get stuff in and out of than mini b of course and is light weight. The long strap is very long. I am 5'7 and have it on the second hole.
  11. Looks perfect as a crossbody, :smile:
  12. Yo GF you know this is PERFECT for YOU. Omg looks FAB on u. Congrats woman!!
  13. Wowzzzy I love it lots! Congrats lady
  14. That looks perfect in you! :p

    You take the best pix too!

  15. Damn. You cut tags already. Word up! You know what you love!