Gunmetal or gold metallic maggie?

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  1. Can't stop thinking about this metallic maggie, however, I have only seen them on the website. Has anyone seen in person? Trying to decide between the gold and the gunmetal. I bet the gold is beautiful, but the gunmetal would probably look great with black, which I wear alot of in fall/winter. Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. One word: gunmetal
  3. I really like the Gold it has simple lines but the Gunmetal is amazing...
  4. Gunmetal has my vote! I have seen both of the IRL and the gunmeatal is spectacular! I know Baglady has this bag in gunmetal and really likes it!
  5. gunmetal
    i think the gold looks almost cheap on this bag
  6. Both! LOL They are both gorgeous IRL, you can't go wrong...
  7. I would match this bag to my jewelry. Do you wear more gold or silver?
  8. Gunmetal!!
  9. I second this, the gold looks very disco-ey. The gunmetal is great!

  10. Gunmetal!
  11. gunmetal
  12. i've told meself to stay away from certain metallics to avoid flaking disappointment later down the road!
  13. Agreed. Metallics always seem to show the wear n' tear much worse. I say gunmetal!
  14. Gunmetal!