Gunmetal Jackie on Neimans

  1. gunjackiebag.jpg
  2. Really Grace? You don't find it a little cold or sterile looking? For some reason I think of the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz...LOL
    You can always sell the on you are getting to buy this one or get this color in another bag. I bet one of the other Suspender bags come out in this color.
  3. Gracie...I've always liked metallics, but I just don't like the shinier than tin foil look, so this bag looks great!
  4. Wow, I rather like the look of gunmetal and I suspect the picture shows it shinier than it is in real life because it's not a metallic is it, or is it? I think this bag suits gunmetal. I'd love to see one in real life.
  5. Yeah..there's something about this that appeals to my usually conservative nature when it comes to apparel. I tend to dress quietly I like a bag that has a bad attitude. :yes:
  6. I like it!! It would match everything too.
  7. We're off to see the Wizard......

    This I would have to see in person, it just might be lovely. Have you all noticed the big surge in metallic again?
  8. That's actually kind of pretty and I'm not usually into shiny metallics. I like the subtle ones like metallic army Sienna. Maybe it has the same kind of shiny finish as Lexie's eggplant Katy and my eggplant Dylan - same kind of leather?
  9. It really looks interesting, rather like a satiny metallic finish, which is about as metallic as I'd go. It does look rather fab and that's coming from someone who hasn't warmed to the new Kooba Fall line!
  10. Kind of nice, I think. Just got an e-mail from NM, about Fall trends. Of course, gray is huge and a lot of the gray bags seem to have a metallic finish to them.
  11. Too funny with all this wizard of oz/tin man stuff!

    I like this actually...a lot more than the ones which were like looking in mirror...where are my sunnies?
  12. I like the color! Still, I'm not too crazy about the suspenders though. Hopefully there will be more new Koobas in time that come out in this color...
  13. KoobaLover's itching for a metallic bag? :graucho:
  14. ^LOL... Metallic bags are soooooo last year.

    Just kidding! I LOVE metallics and there's one I have my eye on! Jchiara, it's your fault for posting pics of all of your beautiful metallics!
  15. :wtf:oh my gaahh I want this!! I really love it!! I love the metallic look and the funkiness of's totally my stylE! thanks for sharing!