Gunmetal Boogie Bucket

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  1. My gunmetal Boogie Bucket arrived today from NM!

    Truly, I think I've found a new favorite Boogie Bucket:


    I really wasn't sure what to expect of the color and the nebula leather. I've heard reviews that Nebula is thin-this is true. Nebula feels thin but it definitely isn't chintzy and almost has a fine pebbled texture to it. In fact this bag feels very lightweight and almost just melds against your body when worn.
    The color is also hard to photograph. I previous reviews I assumed that gunmetal was black with little sparkly specks on it. In actuality it reminds me of the color of pencil lead. From afar it might appear black but upon closer inspection there is a subtle metallic sheen to it. Very pretty!


    And no offense to those who don't mind the prison jumpsuit orange or (aka "Beeb's traffic cone orange") but I was SO happy to see that this bag had the purple interior. YAY!!!!!!!!!


    So thumbs up to the Gunmetal Boogie. I think it is a great alternative to those who want a "black" bag but also want something a bit different.:heart:

    And thanks again to Deb who informed me that NM had restocked their gunmetal boogies!

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  2. Wow, that really is so pretty.

  3. Love the shimmer. Lovely!
  4. Black bags aren't generally my thing, but Kris, this is very nice. And I'm also speaking from my newly acquired Boogie :love: after finally wearing one of mine for the 1st time yesterday. Aren't they great to wear?!
  5. Thanks Joan, Clutched and Dede!
    I agree Dede, Boogies are great bags. They carry a lot and then you can just dip in and out to get your stuff.

    I was trying to think of a way to describe the difference between Nebula and crunch....Nebula feels more "fluid" than crunch leather. I'm such a loser guys, I keep sitting here feeling up my Boogie bucket. Oh and just remembered to smell her...this one doesn't smell like paint, just nice fresh leather!
  6. OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGG it's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint:
  7. Thank you Tyger!
  8. Gorgeous I need one! NM doesn't have any left :sad:
  9. ^Thanks MSG. You could email NM CS but they would probably give you the same generic answer they gave me last month "We expect to have them in stock again but don't have a definite date". I asked them to email me when they restocked but they didn't... An eagle eyed TPFer who knew I was itching for this bag tipped me off.
  10. She is so pretty! I have a preorder in gold Nebula for Spring.
  11. :faint::faint:Kris.......that bag is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous haha Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! I love the metallic sheen.
  13. Kris...I die...

    So if you ever tire of her...since I tipped you off...she needs to come visit Auntie Deb!

    Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  14. That is a super sweet Boogie! The gunmetal is darker then I had imagined but lovely all the same.
  15. :shocked:

    How can I get one of these??????????