Gunmetal bags

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  1. Morning everyone , just in case any of you were interested in something gunmetal I thought I'd post the following, esp as some gunmetal items might soon be appearing in the outlets (My friend in York tells me they also have a g/m Bays)

    I've attached some more photos of mine in natural light as they give a better representation of the colour (and I like showing it off!) I think electric lights make it look more brownish

    I think if you consider a gunmetal be aware that as it's put on to different leathers the shine might vary. My antony is a brighter shade that the bays (see family photo thread), the inside of that is black whereas the Bays is brown - I like the variability but just wanted to give you a heads up in case anyone bought a gunmetal bag and expected it to be brighter

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  2. is my smithfield gunmetal?

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  3. Very nice colour!!
  4. gunmetal looks really nice - such a nice take on black and ultra glam!! thanks for this!
  5. ^^Totally agree. I wonder if you still have to spray or being Gunmetal means kind of already protected??
  6. oooh beautiful bags!!:woohoo: Im loving the gunmetal leather :yes:
  7. My avatar is a gunmetal Ledbury (my 1st Mulberry) and I love the shade.

    I will try to post another pic tomorrow as it's not on this computer.

  8. The photos look great.

    Forgive my ignorance but does the gunmetal finish wear away at all or is it permanent?
  9. serene - yes, your smithfield is gunmetal. i saw that exact bag in bloomies a while back, i love it!! I got the oak one later on sale but the gunmetal is fab!
  10. Gorgeous bags ladies :biggrin: is an interesting colour, would love to see an Antony in gunmetal.
  11. my avatar is also gunmetal.
    Quite a bronzy shade, I also have the matching purse.
  12. The large Mabel I've just sent back was called gunmetal by the SA but it was a much bronzier shade then I've seen future I'll always see a gunmetal bag IRL before purchase because I think there is a huge variation in this shade between leathers.
  13. I love the gunmetal too - i have a ledbury and she is fab! gorgeous bags on this thread ladies :tup:

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  14. Gunmetal is such a beautiful colour, and look at all the lovely bags that you all have posted!

    I used to have a gunmetal Antony (since sold) and it was an amazing, dark pewter shade of gunmetal. I also have a small Zinia in the same colour, gunmetal on black leather.

    I wasn't aware that they also made gunmetal bags on brown leather, and that they turn out to be more bronzy in colour. Interesting!
  15. That's a beauty Rascal!