Gunman reported shooting on Illinois campus

  1. Gunman reported shooting on Illinois campus

    DEKALB, Ill. - A gunman opened fire in a lecture hall on the campus of Northern Illinois University, and more than a dozen people were reported injured.
    WBBM in Chicago reported that a man with a shotgun began shooting in a lecture hall, and the (DeKalb) Daily Chronicle reported that police said on a scanner that the man had a shotgun and a pistol.
    Hospitals in the area were told to expect up to 15 injured people.
    The university issued an alert at 3:20 p.m. CT telling students to avoid Kings Common and buildings in that area. A spokeswoman confirmed that the shooting occurred.
    The university was locked down, and students reportedly were calling from the library.
    The Daily Chronicle reporteed that at least two people are reported down in DuSable Hall, and one person had blood on the back of the head, according to eyewitness reports. It could not be confirmed if it was from a gunshot.
    Police have established a perimeter around Cole Hall, and 15-20 emergency vehicles were in the area.
    This breaking story will be updated.
  2. Exactly WHAT are these people THINKING??? I just don't understand going around shooting a bunch of innocent people.
  3. How scary... this campus has over 40,000 students! So a lecture hall is sure to have thousands in it...
  4. My brother in law goes to school there. DH and I are trying to get ahold of his mom to let her know what happened. Hopefully she has already talked to him and he's ok. This is insane.
  5. ^^^ Hoping for your BIL's safety.
  6. Well, well...another crazy ass POS shooter. Why god won't give these people aneurysms before they can do this crap I'll never know.


    Arireyes I hope your family is okay.
  7. Thank's I'm kind going nuts waiting to hear from DH right now.
  8. I just heard about this and I'm floored. BF's sister goes there, I can't get ahold of him to confirm that she's ok. I teach in the IL university system (not at NIU, at UIUC) and it's just terrifying to think of something like this happening so close to home.

    I just can't stop crying, it's so unimaginable.
  9. Oops.. that number isn't right... it is more like 25,000+... still alot of people affected!

    arireyes- oh I hope you heard from B-I-L soon!!
  10. That's terrible =(
    They say up to 18 shot. I hope they are just injured and will be ok. arireyes, vanojr, I hope your loved ones are okay.
  11. Oh thank God, I just heard from my bf and his sister is ok. But I guess it's getting worse by the minute in the news reports. arireyes, I hope your bil is ok too.
  12. This is so terrible. I live about a half hour away from there and a lot of the people I work with go to school there. I was at work when we heard and we were all freaking out because before they confirmed he was killed, the news reported that people should stay away from certain areas, and our shopping center was one of them! :s
  13. we finally got ahold of my BIL and he's fine thank goodness!! vanojr9 did you hear anything yet? I hope everything is ok.
  14. I graduated from UIUC. I've had a flood of emails asking if it was NIU I went to.

    Guess it's another one of those days that we all need to call our families just to say we love them and give our SO/kids an extra hug tonight.

    I just can't imagine the horror the students and teachers experience when something like this happens.
  15. I live in Dekalb...and have many friends who go there, and I haven't heard from them all yet, and haven't been able to find a list of students who were hurt/injured/killed. I happen to be in school at ISU.

    So, please, any prayers would be greatly appreciated.