Gunman loose in Johnson Space Center

  1. Breaking news
    MSNBC and NBC News
    Updated: 4:11 p.m. ET April 20, 2007

    A building at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston was evacuated Friday amid reports that an armed person was spotted there, the space agency said. Other employees at the center were told to remain in lockdown as authorities surrounded the scene.
    NASA security personnel as well as Houston police responded to "a report about a person with a weapon" at Building 44 on the space center's campus, agency spokeswoman Lynette Madison told She said that personnel were evacuated from the building, and that the situation was "ongoing." Police commandos were surrounding the building and searching inside.
    KPRC, Houston's NBC affiliate, quoted authorities as saying a gunman was reportedly barricaded in a second-floor office. Houston police said they had reports that shots were fired, but there appeared to be no injuries
  2. Goodness! I just saw this on CNN. Oddly, I just had a feeling that something like this was going to happen again soon. I was just telling my husband this last evening. I just knew it. These tragedies seem to always come in twos or threes...always.....
    There are definitely some evil forces working overtime out there.......CRAZY! I hope this one isn't as terrible as the Tech shootings.
  3. oh no... this is frightening. i'm hoping everyone is safe and protected!
  4. This is so scary...I am so glad I don't have to go to school or any other large public place today :sad:

    I HATE that I am nervous about stuff like this, drives me crazy :sad:
  5. WTF!
    I thought of this as well. I actually wish they wouldn't sensationalize tragedies so much as I really believe it spawns copycats.
  6. That's terrible. I really really hope that everyone is okay.
  7. Good God, what the hell is wrong with people?!:wtf:
  8. 2 people killed. the gunmen ( commited suicide) and a victim whom he shot before taking his own life.
  9. ^^Oh goodness....crazy. I turned the television off here at home while preparing dinner. I didn't catch the aftermath....Terrible...
  10. This is just crazy! I hope these recent incidents will encourage lawmakers in the US to reconsider tougher gun control.
  11. This is scary... :s
  12. How sad for the victim and his family.
  13. oh gosh..there's been way too many deaths lately :sad:
  14. OMG... I know I miss these things! I don't watch the news anymore it sends me into a frenzy. I am sorry for the person that was killed and their family it's so incredibly heartbreaking.