Gunman loose at Virginia Tech

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  1. BLACKSBURG (AP) -- A shooting at Virginia Tech this morning at a campus dormitory left at least one person dead, and police were trying to catch the shooter.
    Virginia Tech officials canceled classes for the day and are warning the university community on the school's Web site that there is a "gunman on the loose" and that students, faculty and staff should stay inside and stay away from windows.
    A state government official with knowledge of the incident told The Associated Press that at least one person was killed by the shooter and another was wounded.

    School officials say the shooting happened earlier this morning at West Ambler Johnston Hall, one of the largest dorms on campus. It houses nearly 900 students.

    Police were trying to capture the gunman.
    Officials ordered the 2600-acre campus closed and no one will be allowed on campus.
    Nineteen-year-old student Jason Anthony Smith of Culpeper lives in the dorm, known as "West A-J." He told The Associated Press,
    "There's just a lot of commotion. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on." Smith says police are yelling at students to stay inside.
    The shooting incident was the second at the school in less than one year.
    Last August, the opening day of classes was canceled and the campus closed when an escaped jail inmate allegedly killed a hospital guard and a sheriff's deputy involved in a massive manhunt.
  2. They said they've arrested the shooter and have confirmed 12 casualties but there might be more wounded.

    This is so sad.
  3. sounds like 2 separate shootings this morning: one in a frosh dorm and one in an engineering bldg. may/may not be related. my highschool senior was choosing between va tech and ga tech but chose ga tech last week.
  4. I just called my old best friend from HS to make sure she was okay, she goes to VA Tech. It's terrible when something like this happens.
  5. they are saying 20 people are dead! I am a Virginia Tech alumni (graduated in 2001) and I lived in that dorm for 2 years and was a resident advisor there. I had classes in that engineering building! I'm devastated! I absolutely love Virginia Tech. This sort of stuff isn't supposed to happen in a small town in southwest virginia!
  6. this is just horrific
  7. I just can't even say how upset I am by this. I know that police cheif, I know all of these buildings they're showing, I know exactly where they're talking about on the 4th floor of the dorm. I am in tears over this
  8. that is so horrible. i feel sorry for the people there.
    i dont understand why someone would want to do that. i think we are lucky in the UK that this sort of thing doesnt happen here but since christmas there has been about 15 teenage deaths through stabbing. knife crime is a huge problem here.
    it seems theres a lot of threads about death on the forum today.
  9. I'm getting dozens of different versions of the story right now...1 dead, 6 dead, 20 dead, 21 dead....6 injured, 21 injured, 15 injured...I hope they can sort out the whole terrible situation soon. It's horrible that the students do not even know what is going on. My best friend plans on going there next semester for grad school; VA Tech has had I believe three bad incidents in the last year or so, which really makes one worry, even though I'm sure it is a great school, normally safe no doubt.
  10. Im pretty freaked cousin goes there and she is really scared right now. She has not idea if any of some of her friends were involved as they wont give out names..she keeps calling...I feel terrible.
  11. What is going on today?.. Things like this are making me paranoid. BE SAFE everyone!
  12. Advice her to stay inside the house/office... This is scary!

    I'm praying for her safety...
  13. BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) -- A gunman opened fire in a dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech on Monday, killing 21 people and wounding another 21 before he was killed, police said.

    They were saying there were two separate shooters and one of them is arrested and the other shot himself. I hate when a tragedy like this happens and the gunman kills himself. It's like he got off easy.
  14. This is just too sad...I feel sick to my stomach with worry for my old best friend. We don't talk much but I'm so worried for her
  15. they're now saying it may have been a guy looking for his girlfriend. this just hits waaaay too close to home for me.

    all of my Tech friends and I have been emailing all morning, I just recognize every inch of this footage, I had classes in that building a lot, and I lived and was the RA in that dorm for 2 years. So so sad, Tech is normally such a nice safe place, it's in a very nice little small town, this stuff itsn't supposed to happen.