Gung's Blue-Collar Philly Cheesesteak with grilled onions & peppers! PICS!

  1. Note: I am a purveyor of classic blue-collar American food. I am a total meat and potatoes kind of gal and the recipe below is one of my favorites! Sorry if its not exactly culinary...but it sure is good!


    Ladies, this sandwich is total YUM! I love beef sandwiches, and this one takes the cake! Sliced, succulent and juicy beef, adorned with grilled green peppers, onions, and mushrooms, are gently cradled with smooth melted provolone cheese.

    (I ran out of rolls and was forced to use hamburger buns; still yummy though!

    DELISH :yes:


    1 Green pepper
    1 Onion
    1 Cup sliced mushrooms
    As much meat as you need
    2 french rolls
    Provolone cheese

    *Preheat a pan/skillet on high and let it get good and hot

    *Take any cut of beef (I use brisket)
    *Use sharp knife and slice thinly. It doesnt have to be paper thin, but make sure its not too thick. The thinness of the meat is a perfect marriage for the delicate grilled veggies.

    *Cut up as much beef as you need and place on the side in a large bowl.

    *Chop up the bell pepper in long straight pieces
    *Chop up the onion in long straight pieces
    *Chop up the mushrooms (I used pre-sliced ones)

    *Place veggies into the bowl with the meat

    *The pan/skillet should be SIZZLING HOT by now!

    *Distribute the meat, onions, peppers, and mushrooms around the pan

    *Much like making a stir-fry, move the meat and veggies around as they sizzle.

    *When the meat is browned, peppers are softened, and onions are caramelized, it is done!

    *Distribute evenly on toasted or untoasted french hoagie rolls topped with slices of provolone cheese, and if you'd like, place the subs in the broiler so the cheese comes out bubbly and deliciously covering the veggies (What I sometimes do to save cooking time is while the meat and veggies are sizzling on the grill, is pop a couple rolls in the toaster oven and place the cheese on them there, so it comes out bubbly and perfectly melted but done quickly so I can chow immediately!)


    I like to dip my philly's in ranch dressing and grub out! Try it!
    CIMG5251.JPG CIMG5245.JPG
  2. I like my cheesesteaks made by big hairy sweaty men and topped with greasy onions, cheez wiz, and LOTS of ketchup. Those of you from Philly know what I'm talking about! ;)

    Those of you who've never had Jim's, Pat's or Geno's are probably sitting there going ":wtf:ewwwwwwwwwww!" :lol:
  3. This looks delish!!!!!!!!!!! sooo good. I will try this out and let yall know how mine turned out.. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:Yeap, south Philly, long lines even late, white hats, seat's upstairs and lots of cheez wiz! But the last I have been there is ages ago!
  5. Btw Gung, that does look good. That's exactly how my mom likes hers...
  6. Looks great GUNG! I'll be trying this one too.